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5 Tips on Trimming Trees ...

By Aprille

Tree trimming is something that I don’t generally look forward to. Thankfully it isn’t something that I have to do to my trees every year, unless we have a massive ice storm or some other natural disaster. If you are thinking about pruning some foliage this year, then take a look at the 5 tips on trimming trees I’ve listed below.

5 Pick the Right Season

Most trees go dormant in the fall, so pruning these trees is usually done once the leaves have all fallen off. As for evergreen trees, it’s best to prune them in the late winter or early spring before new growth has begun.

4 Trim Only What is Necessary

Trimming too much off of a tree at once will usually kill it. Take only the dead branches or a small portion of a live branch if disease is present. When shaping a tree, pay attention to how much you are taking off of each branch. It might be best to do a little bit one year and then a little more the following year. This will keep it from going into shock.


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3 Have the Proper Tools

Using tools that aren’t designed for tree trimming can actually damage the tree. Even though branches may seem tough and able to withstand a lot of cutting, you can actually harm a tree by using a tool that isn’t sharp enough to get the job done in one clean cut.

2 Ask for Help when Needed

It’s probably not a good idea to be climbing around a tree wielding a chainsaw. There are professional tree trimmers who can be hired to do the job right and in a safe manner. It might be worth the investment to hire one of these professionals instead of risking your own safety.

1 Avoid Topping

The term ‘topping’ refers to the process where the entire top of the tree is cut off. This is a practice that is sometimes necessary when a tree has become so tall that it interferes with power lines, but it is extremely hard on the tree. Many trees never quite pull out of the shock they go into when topping is performed on them.

These 5 tips should help you get started with your tree trimming adventure. Be sure to only prune as much as you absolutely need to. Have you already tried your hand at trimming trees? How did it go?

Top Photo Credit: Claude@Munich

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