5 Tips on Growing Garlic ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Growing Garlic ...

I use garlic in a variety of dishes. Actually, I seem to add at least a small amount of garlic to most food dishes I create. I found these 5 tips on growing garlic helpful the first time I decided to plant a crop of garlic of my very own. Maybe they will help you as well!

5 Plant Cloves Individually

Pull apart the bulb of garlic so that each clove is separate from the rest. Every single clove will produce a new bulb of garlic, no matter how small they are. In order to make the most of your garlic bulb, check each clove closely to make sure none are still stuck together when you plant them.

4 Cloves Should Be Placed in the Dirt Properly

Be sure the pointed side of the clove is facing up when planting the cloves of garlic. Don’t plant them too deep or they will end up rotting under the soil before they ever get the chance to sprout. They should only be placed about an inch beneath the soil’s surface.

3 Planting Can Take Place Twice a Year

Garlic that is to be harvested in the fall is usually planted during February or March. If you are looking to harvest garlic in the spring, then it should be planted during October or November and then covered with straw for the winter.

2 Place Rows in Full Sun

The rows should be set around 18 inches from one another, with each clove being 4 inches away from the next. Each row of garlic cloves needs to be place in an area where it will receive full sun. Garlic doesn’t do well when grown in the shade.

1 Moist Soil is Preferable

The ground should be moist, but not overly damp. You wouldn’t want your cloves to rot away before they get the chance to grow into healthy new bulbs. Planting the cloves in soil that is well-drained will eliminate the possibility of them setting in dirt that is overly moist.

Following these tips will provide you with a bountiful garlic crop. Once your garlic plants have matured, the leaves will turn brown and die off. This is the signal for you to harvest the bulbs and allow them to hang dry before storing. Have you tried growing garlic before?

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