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5 Things NOT to do in a Garden ...

By Aprille

Out of the 5 things not to do in a garden that I’ve listed below, most of them I learned the hard way. Having a garden should be fun, not hazardous. These are just some tips for you to use or pass on. Hopefully you haven’t encountered many, if any, of these situations!

5 Don’t Water Plants during the Afternoon on Sunny Days. when I First Started Gardening, I Thought I Would Cool My Plants off by Watering Them during the Hottest Part of the Day. Little Did I Know That This Would Cause My Plants to Burn to a Crisp

4 Don’t Plant Your Vegetables Too Close Together

Most people know how far apart to place their vegetable plants, since the distance is usually written on a tag that is stuck in the dirt of the plant. I’ve underestimated how large my tomato plants would get and had them growing so close together that they began to crowd one another out. This definitely didn’t help with their tomato production.


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3 Don’t Put Fresh Cow Manure Straight onto Your Plants

Fresh manure will burn up your plants. If you want to use cow manure then make sure it has been sitting for most of the season and wasn’t freshly scooped out of the barn. Also, if you buy the bagged manure at a garden supply store, then you won’t have to worry about random plants popping up in your garden. The manure sold in stores is usually heated to kill any weed seeds that might be lying dormant in it.

2 Don’t Leave Gardening Tools on the Ground

It only took one rake to the face before I started making sure that I propped it against the fence or a nearby tomato cage. I couldn’t believe when it happened. It hurt like the dickens, but all I could do was laugh.

1 Don’t Run from Bees

I know the initial instinct upon seeing a bee is to quickly run away. It’s actually better to slowly turn around and walk easily out, no matter how frightened you are. If you are severely allergic to bees, then make sure you have an EpiPen with you when you garden.

I think gardening should be something that you don’t fear. If you do, then something must not be right! Are there things that you’ve had happen in your garden that you know how to avoid now? What were they?

Top Photo Credit: ahp_ibanez

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