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5 Tips on Growing Tulip Trees ...

By Aprille

There was a huge tulip tree in the front yard of my home when I was a little kid. I used to spend hours up in its branches reading books. I loved the peppery smell of the spent blossoms and would pick them to take indoors with me. If you are thinking about planting one of these gorgeous trees, then the 5 tips on growing tulip trees listed below should help you out.

5 Give Them Plenty of Room

Tulip trees can grow to be somewhere between 80 and 100 feet tall, with a girth of around 40 feet. These are some rather large trees, so keep this in mind when placing your new sapling. Plant tulip trees far enough away from buildings that you won’t have to worry about damage from swaying branches once the tree becomes larger.

4 They Prefer Full Sun

If you don’t have an area that receives sunshine all day long, then you can plant the tulip tree in partial shade as well. Having access to a full day’s worth of sunlight will enable your tulip tree to grow as much as possible during the year.


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3 Plant during the Spring

Not only do tulip trees prefer to be planted in the spring time, but they also like to be placed in soil that is well-draining. Once they have a well-established root system, tulip trees can be quite tolerant of droughts.

2 Water Often during the First Three Years

Once your little tulip tree has established a good set of roots, you can cut back on the watering. The ground should remain moist, especially during the dryer months of the year. You can cut back on watering during the winter time as well, since the tree will be dormant.

1 Prune during the Winter Only

If you decide to prune your tulip tree back to a smaller size, this should be done during the winter when the tree is dormant. These trees are prone to problems with aphids, due to the sweet sticky substance they create. Any pruning performed during the warmer months will cause pests to flock to the oozing wound caused by pruning done while the tree’s sap is still running.

Tulip trees produce a sticky substance that can create quite a mess on cars. This said it might not be wise to plant one of these members of the magnolia family right next to the driveway. Do you think these tips are ones you’ll be able to use?

Top Photo Credit: Martin LaBar

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