5 Plants That Repel Fleas ...


Below are 5 plants that repel fleas and have been used by pet owners for many years. Each one is a bit different in the way it grows and not all need to be picked in order for their flea repelling effects to be had. Maybe you’ll find a plant that works well for you and your flea issues you might be dealing with.

5. Mints of All Sorts

Spearmint, peppermint, and catmint have all been used to keep fleas away for decades. It’s not toxic to pets and grows in all types of soil. Some people think it grows a bit too easily, since it can quickly take over an entire garden in a single season. These plants can be dried and ground up for stuffing inside your pet’s bed, the stems can be left whole and tucked under the couch as well as mattresses, and fresh leaves can be rubbed on your pet’s fur to keep fleas away.

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