5 Tips on Raising a Yucca Plant ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Raising a Yucca Plant ...

Fortunately, yucca plants are very hardy and can grow in harsh conditions. I live in a southern climate where it is rather warm during the summer, so these plants thrive right outside my back door. There are a variety of yucca plants and the following 5 tips on raising a yucca plant pertains to just about any of the types you’ll come across.

Table of contents:

  1. pruning
  2. sunshine
  3. water
  4. keep the temperature warm
  5. be familiar with the types of problems yuccas can face

5 Pruning

Trim away any dead leaves or branches whenever you notice them. As for the yucca plants that resemble little trees, these can be trimmed whenever you feel they are getting too tall or unruly. Be sure to use very sharp loppers or tree trimmers so as to make a clean cut.

4 Sunshine

Like most tropical plants, yuccas love lots of sun. They thrive in warm sunny conditions. They will also grow in a shaded area, but they won’t be as tall and some may not bloom. If you have one in a container, be sure to set it in the sun as much as possible.

3 Water

Provide lots of water in the spring and on extremely hot days. Water is important during this time of growth, even though these are rather slow-growing plants. You don’t have to water yuccas as much during the winter time. Test the soil each time and only water the plant if the soil is no longer moist. It should be allowed to dry out between each watering.

2 Keep the Temperature Warm

Some types of yucca do winter well, but other varieties need a constant supply of warmth. Seeing as how they are tropical plants, yuccas do prefer warmer weather than other plants around the house. Keep this in mind when placing your yucca inside. Avoid drafty windows and doorways too.

1 Be Familiar with the Types of Problems Yuccas Can Face

Brown leaf spots, yellowing leaves, and scaling can all occur. The yellowing is often due to the plant getting too much water, while the brown spots and scaling is caused by a fungus. Talk with a professional at a plant nursery to see what type of fungicide they carry for yucca plants.

These tips should help you to keep your yucca plants looking great all year long. What difficulties have you had when raising yuccas?

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