5 Types of Coleus for Accents in a Garden ...


5 Types of Coleus for Accents in a Garden ...
5 Types of Coleus for Accents in a Garden ...

I think all types of coleus are beautiful in their own way. Not only can you brighten up a garden with these colorful plants, but they make an excellent border along walkways or living dividers around a garden. Here are 5 types of coleus for accents in a garden for you to read about. There are still quite a few more types of coleus out there, but these are my top 5 favorites.

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Versa Green Halo

Cream colored leaves with green edges span stems reaching heights of about 20 inches on this type of coleus. This type is suitable for growing in full sun or full shaded areas. Blooms will appear late in the year as well.



The variegated leaves on this plant include hues of lime green, gold, magenta, and deep purple. Large-leafed and able to reach a height of at least 16 inches, this variety of coleus adds color to any garden spot.



Lime green leaves are crammed onto plants growing between 12 and 16 inches in height. This coleus plant has rather large leaves, making it possible to fill up a small space quickly. The bright green color brightens up any shady garden spot. This type of coleus will also do well in partial shade beds.


Black Dragon

The crimped leaves on this plant are a deep purple that is nearly black. Along the center of each leaf is a strip of magenta. This is a low growing plant, when compared to the other varieties of coleus. It only grows to be about a foot tall. It can be grown in shade or partial shade.


Versa Crimson Gold

Perfect for a shade garden or even a sunny one, this type of coleus will spread between 18 and 24 inches wide. The leaves are a deep crimson with gold outlines. It’s an excellent plant if you are looking to add some color to your garden and fill in any gaps. This variety is easy to grow from seed sown directly outdoors.

One of these coleus varieties might be just what you need to spruce up your flower garden. I’ve even planted coleus among my herbs to break up the monochromatic look. What types of plants do you use for accents in the garden?

Top Photo Credit: Lake Fred

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