5 Plants That Can Damage Your Home ...

By Aprille

5 Plants That Can Damage Your Home ...

Trees and vines are a couple of plant types that are excellent sources of shade for a home. However, they can also damage your siding, brickwork, gutters, and even the foundation. So you know what to avoid, here is a list of 5 plants that can damage your home. Keep this list in mind when you are about to plant a newly purchased tree or vine next to your home.

Table of contents:

  1. madeira vine
  2. willow trees
  3. plants that thrive in alkaline soil
  4. trees that send out runners
  5. english ivy

5 Madeira Vine

This weedy vine can be found in Australia. Most people already know it’s a weed and eradication of it is difficult. The dark green heart-shaped leaves may be beautiful, but this plant will destroy just about anything in its path. If it does ever start to grow near your home then be sure to get rid of it as soon as possible.

4 Willow Trees

When these are planted near a water line, they will often try to dig their roots directly into a water pipe connection. They are naturally water-loving plants. Be sure to place these trees far away from any water lines or septic system in your yard.

3 Plants That Thrive in Alkaline Soil

Not all plants that do well in alkaline soil will damage your foundation, but it might be best to not take a chance. Place these types of plants far away from concrete foundations. The concrete gives off alkaline, which might cause many plants to grow towards the foundation and even into it.

2 Trees That Send out Runners

Mimosa trees are known for sending runners all over the place, which leads to new trees popping up where these runners end at. Lilac, Ginkgo trees, sassafras trees, and even some types of oak trees multiply in this manner. Keep these trees away from your foundation.

1 English Ivy

Everyone loves this plant, but it does have the potential to damage your home as it climbs up the side of it. Especially if you live in a home built of bricks, you’ll want to make sure this vine stays away from the brickwork. A fence of some sort can be provided for this ivy to climb on if you do wish to have it crawl up the side of your home. The tiny tendrils will actually pry between bricks and cause them to loosen.

Can you think of any other trees, vines, or plants in general that shouldn’t be placed near a home, for fear of damage to its structure?

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