5 Vegetables Kids Can Grow Indoors

By Aprille

I think letting kids start a garden of their own teaches them responsibility and how to take the initiative on a project of their very own. If you have an old aquarium on hand or can find one at a garage sale, be sure to pick it up. The 5 vegetables kids can grow indoors that are listed below can be planted in any type of container, but watching the roots spread throughout the dirt in an aquarium is a lot of fun for most kids.

5 Snow Peas

You only have to plant a single pea seed to get an entire plant of snow peas. Kids love watching the vine snake up a narrow fence that is attached to a stake sunk into a 5 gallon bucket. Place the bucket in front of a sunlit window and the pea plant will take off all on its own.

4 Pole Beans

Pole beans can be set up in a similar way to the pea plant. Again, as single bean is all that is needed to get these beans started. You can help kids wind the bean plant around a window so that it continues to grow in the sunlight.

3 Eggplants

Since these plants don’t get extremely large, they can be grown in a bucket of dirt with lots of success. Put some well-draining soil in a 5 gallon bucket, place a single plant in the middle and watch it grow.

2 Radishes

Radish seeds germinate in a short amount of time and can be placed in a shallow container, since they don’t grow very deep down into the soil. These veggies could also be grown in the same container as the carrots, if you like.

1 Carrots

These are a perfect veggie for growing along the edges of the aquarium. Kids enjoy seeing the bright orange root make its way deeper and deeper into the dirt. Carrot seeds will grow in just about any type of soil and require very little care, which makes them perfect for a kid’s garden.

If you have a little kid who is interested in gardening, then maybe he/she will like growing some of these vegetables. Have you already tried helping your child grow any certain types of veggies in the house?

Top Photo Credit: Meighan

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