5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time in the Garden ...


5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time in the Garden ...
5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time in the Garden ...

I don't know about you, but when I finally get a chance to spend time out in my garden I want to use up every minute I have available. The following short list has 5 ways to make the most of your time in the garden. I hope it proves to be useful information for you and you get to enjoy your gardening time to the fullest.

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Keep All Your Tools in One Place

Hunting around the garage, gardening shed, or yard for tools is only wasting your precious time that could otherwise be spent in your lovely garden. Place all gardening equipment in the same location, so you know exactly where everything is. This will allow you get your tools and jump right into gardening.


Check for Pests While Picking Veggies

You're already stooped over picking vegetables off of the plant, so why not take a close look at the leaves and stems while you are there. Turn over a few leaves to make sure no pests are hiding on the underside or laying eggs on them. You should also be able to notice if any leaves or veggies have been munched on too.


Take a Bottle of Water with You

There's no need to waste time running indoors for a drink. Fill a water bottle half full with water and put in the freezer the night before. When you are ready to head outside, fill the bottle up the rest of the way with water and you'll have chilled water for a few hours.


Have Your Spouse Watch the Kids for You

Kids can be great fun in the garden, but not if you are worried about their safety as you work. Have a family member watch the kids so you can get your gardening done and relax while you are doing so.


Leave the Phone inside

I generally take my cell phone everywhere with me, except to the garden. I leave it on my desk and check for messages when I come back inside. Surely your friend will understand that you were enjoying your garden and can chat once you've run out of light to see by outside.

I'm sure you already try to enjoy as much time in your garden as possible. Do you think any of these ways will help you to have a bit more extra time gardening this summer?

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