5 Tips on Creating the Best Patio ...


5 Tips on Creating the Best Patio ...
5 Tips on Creating the Best Patio ...

The patio can be a fantastic transition between your house and lawn. It has the floor of a structure, but is open to the outside. I love this combination of civilization and nature. My 5 tips on creating the best patio display can help you to create an area that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also a great place to hang out.

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Have Lots of Color

Lots of foliage is beautiful, but so is a variety of colorful blossoms. I try to place flowering plants of similar colors all around the patio, instead of clumping up the same colors together. This spreads the color around and makes the entire area more eye-catching.


Rearrange Often

Keeping the patio looking its best often involves making adjustments from time to time. I like to rotate plants out every now and then and bring in some new ones. I don’t always go out and buy something brand new, but replacing a potted patio plant with one that was previously in the living room can make all the difference.


Sometimes Less is More

Just because you like plants on the patio this doesn’t mean you should fill every available space with greenery. Pick out some plants that have unique foliage or fantastic blossoms. A few of these can make the patio seem like an exotic paradise, rather than a conglomeration of shear randomness.


Add Non-plant Items

Throwing in an occasional garden gnome or gazing ball can really spruce up a patio that already has plenty of plants. These objects add a different feel to an already foliage-laden environment. They also don’t cost very much to purchase.


Keep Plants in Manageable Pots

I used to have a planter that was so large it took three of us to move it. Eventually I switched over to four smaller pots. The plants still looked great and I could then relocate them to different spots on the patio all on my own.

I find that altering my patio from time to time keeps me from getting bored. I always end up finding something new to do with it. What do you like best about your patio area? Do you use it to express your creativity or simply as a place to entertain guests?

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