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5 Tips on Growing a Mulberry Tree ...

By Aprille

A Mulberry tree is commonly called a Blackberry tree, due to the fruit being very similar to that which grows on Blackberry bushes. Berries from this tree are extremely tasty and make great jam, as long as you can keep the birds from stealing all your berries! Here are 5 tips on growing a Mulberry tree in your neck of the woods.

5 Plant the Mulberry Tree in Full Sun

These trees are sun-loving and can grow to be around 50 feet tall. If you have purchased a female Mulberry tree, then you might not want to place it next to a door or anyplace you intend to walk. There’s nothing harder to get out than Mulberry stains from a lightly colored carpet!

4 Place Tree in Soil That is Well-draining

Mulberry trees are drought resistant, so they don’t require constant watering. As long as you water them occasionally during extremely dry spells, then your tree should do well.

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3 Prune when the Tree is Dormant

If you don’t prune a Mulberry tree when it is dormant, then bleeding is going to occur and the tree will have a much higher chance of becoming infected with a disease or fungi. Trim off any dead branches first. To reduce the crown of the tree, cut leading branches just enough to allow the secondary branch to become the new leader branch.

2 Cover Fruit with Netting

When the berries begin to ripen, the birds and small animals will appear out of nowhere. Covering the tree with a bird net will not necessarily keep the squirrels out of your berries, but it will definitely deter any birds passing by.

1 Beware of Exposed Roots

Mulberry trees are known to have roots that spread out in all directions and many are on the surface. They are excellent hazards in high-traffic areas. Keep this in mind when choosing a location for your Mulberry tree.

I’ve been lucky enough to have Mulberry trees growing all over my woods and thankfully a few are female so I can enjoy the berries. The kids and I like harvesting the berries each summer, but very few make it to the house to be made into a batch of jam. Have you had much success with your Mulberry tree?

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