8 Ideas for Gardening on a Budget ...


8 Ideas for Gardening on a Budget ...
8 Ideas for Gardening on a Budget ...

Is your garden in need of a revamp? Have you just moved into a new house, and inherited a garden that needs some work? Or do you simply love gardening? The garden tends to be neglected when you don’t have much cash to splash, but even on a budget you can still flex your green fingers. Here are some tips to show you how.

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Do you have some large plants in your garden? Try propagating some cuttings, and one plant will soon become several. Also beg some cuttings from the gardens of friends, neighbours and family, and before you know it your garden will be full of colour.



How much does a packet of seeds cost? Depending on the plant, not much at all. So plan ahead for the season, buy a few packets and for an investment of a few dollars or pounds you could end up with more plants than you have room for.



If you do have spare seedlings or cuttings, try swapping them with one of your neighbours. Chances are that you will grow different plants, so you won’t duplicate what you’ve already got. In fact, why not organise a plant swap in your street or neighbourhood – that way you could end up with a very well-stocked bargain garden!


Church Sales

Church and school fundraisers are a great source of cheap plants. Since they’ve been donated, the prices are never high, and you could fill a flower bed for well under $20. A good tip is to go towards the end – there may not be as much choice, but the plants will be sold off even more cheaply.


Borrow Tools

Tools can be expensive to purchase, and are a waste of money if you don’t use them very often. So if you need something for a one-off job, see if you can borrow it. Just make sure to return it quickly and in good condition. Or check out yard sales for bargains.


Vegetable Garden

When you’re on a tight budget, why not make your garden pay for itself? A vegetable garden may not be as pretty as flowers, but it does save you money. So turning a plot over to edible goodies will give you the satisfaction of gardening, and also save on grocery bills.


Bargain Bin

It’s worth checking out the reduced section at garden centres. Have a look for trays of flowers where a few have died off, but most are still in good shape. With larger plants, if there’s still going to be a healthy plant after a bit of pruning, then it’s worth buying.


Clever Pots

Container gardening can look very good, but it can be expensive to buy pots. So be creative, and look at what you already have that could be turned into homes for plants and flowers. It’s best to use something that can have holes put in the base, to prevent the plant from becoming waterlogged.

So you see, budget gardeners, there are lots of ways to enjoy your hobby without spending a fortune! What tips can you add to turn your garden into a flowering paradise on a budget?

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