5 Tips on Caring for Magnolia Trees ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Caring for Magnolia Trees ...

The blooms of Magnolia trees always remind me of lotus blossoms. They are a fragrant flower that is provided from glossy-leaved trees that originated nearly 20 million years ago. Supposedly they have been around longer than bees! If you are in the market for getting a Magnolia tree or already have one and don’t know what to do with it, then these 5 tips on caring for Magnolia trees might prove useful.

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5 Mulch

Providing plenty of mulch in the springtime will not only keep the weed population down around your Magnolia tree, but it will also insulate the ground during colder months. Shredded bark, chopped up leaves, or wood chips are all great for mulching around these trees.

4 Water

Watering during the first year is extremely important. Although Magnolia trees are very slow growing in the first year, they need lots of water to help them recover from the shock of being planted in a new location. Well established trees need extra water during droughts or if the soil isn’t able to hold in much moisture.

3 Pruning

Damaged branches should be pruned as soon as they are noticed. Look for branches that are rubbing against one another and for little shoots growing up along the branches. These smaller sprouting are known as suckers. Cutting these off early will allow the larger branches to continue to grow healthy.

2 Fertilizing

Feeding Magnolia trees should take place in the fall. Use a granular fertilizer and sprinkle it around the edge of the tree. Place the granules just beyond the branch tips and let the rain take it from there. If rain is far off, then sprinkle the granules with a garden hose instead.

1 Sunlight

These magnificent trees like full sun to moderate shade. They get fairly large, so plant them in a location that gives them plenty of room to expand. You don’t want to have them end up growing under another tree that will block its sunlight.

With over 200 species of Magnolias to choose from, surely you will find one that works best for you. Pink, purple, and white are common colors for blossoms on Magnolia trees. In my neighborhood, most houses have the white-flowered variety. Have you had any trouble with your Magnolia tree? Do you have any additional care tips you’d like to pass on?

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