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Tips on Having a Garden in Small Places ...

By Aprille

Just because you live in a small place does not mean that you cannot have a small garden. Of course, it does mean that you cannot have a large garden full of vegetables, but that does not mean that you should not try for a small one. Below, for all of you that live in small areas and have a love for plants and a green thumb, I am going to give you some tips on having a garden in small places…

First, I think it would be best if you pick small plants for your small garden. There are many varieties that you could choose from. If you want to go for tomatoes, you have “Bush Early Girl” and “Patio Hybrid” tomato. For cucumbers, you have “Salad Bush” and for a snap pea, you have “Sugar Ann.” If you want to have winter squash, then you should try for “Bush Butternut.” About any variety of the small vegetables, such as lettuce, bush bean, radish, carrot, basil, beet, thyme, parsley and broccoli would grow good in containers.

Do you like growing fruits, such as strawberries? Strawberries, dwarf apple varieties and half-high blueberries do great in terracotta planters.

For your tiny garden, don’t forget to pick the right location. Herbs, vegetables and fruits will require at least six house of direct sunlight each day. You cannot compromise this requirement. If you do not have a place that has this amount of sunlight, then you will need to focus on foliage and flower plants.

When you are gardening in a tiny plot, keep the plants and vegetables that are tall on the north side and the short ones to the south side.

Are you trying to grow fruits in a tiny place? Then you may want to try the Berry Trellis. Trust me, gardening in a tiny place is possible.

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