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5 Tips on Gardening in the City ...

By Aprille

It can be quite the challenge to raise a garden in the city. A lack of space is usually the first obstacle that needs to be tackled, but then there is the issue of finding dirt and the right plants to grow as well. Below is a list of 5 tips on gardening in the city. Hopefully you will find these tips useful if you or someone you know are planning on starting a city garden.

5 Locate the Best Light Source

Most garden plants need at least 5 hours of sunlight to be able to produce what they need to grow. You may have to watch for a couple of days to mark out where the most light is gathering. This is where you’ll start your garden spot.

4 Find a Garden Medium Source

Garden centers usually have a variety of planting mediums on hand. While dirt is perfectly acceptable, you’ll need to think about what you will do with all those pots full of dirt when the plants are finished growing. Most mediums can be drained, stored in a large container, and used again later on.

3 Think Small

You probably aren’t going to want to plant corn if you live in the city. Although it could be fun, getting the stalks to grow tall enough to produce corn might be quite the challenge. Not only should you think about opting for small plants to grow in your garden, but you should also consider using little containers. There are plenty of herbs that can be grown in a simple window box.

2 Reuse Empty Containers

Butter tubs, milk jugs, juice containers, and even egg cartons are all useful for either getting plants started or for growing them. There’s no need to go out and spend a lot of money on pots for planting your garden in.

1 Utilize Window Space

If you are completely without a patio or balcony at all, there is always the option to use old soda bottles and grow plants in them. Cut the bottom off, leave the lid on and then fill with a planting medium. You can hang them with string from a window and place a plant inside each one.

I hope these tips are new to you and will help you get started on your city garden. Do you already have one started? How is it going for you? Please feel free to share any additional gardening tips other city dwellers might benefit from.

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