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5 Tips on Growing Collard Greens ...

By Aprille

Not everyone is a big fan of collard greens. I happen to enjoy a good batch of fresh greens during the summer months. The 5 tips on growing collard greens that I’ve supplied below will help you to have a successful crop of greens in no time at all.

5 Add Compost before Planting the Seeds

Apply lots of compost at least a couple of weeks before you are thinking about planting your seeds. Compost will enrich the soil and allow the collard greens to have plenty of nutrients.

4 Sow Seeds Directly in the Ground

Other members of the cabbage family are easier to grow by starting with small plants purchased from a nursery. Collard greens are easy to grow from seeds and only take a couple of months before the leaves are mature enough to harvest. Seeds are to be planted about a half inch under the surface.

3 Water Often

Being a member of the cabbage family, collard greens are also made up of mostly water. They require plenty of water to be able to grow well. Watch for wilting leaves. This is a helpful sign to let you know they need a bit more water than what you are giving them.

2 Use a Fertilizer with Lots of Nitrogen

Leafy greens use up a lot of nitrogen in the soil, so applying a fertilizer that contains nitrogen can be helpful in growing an excellent crop of collard greens. You can also throw grass clippings onto the soil around the greens. This will add more nitrogen to the soil as well. It’s best to fertilize before planting the seeds and then again only if the leaves begin to turn a pale color.

1 A Little Bit of Frost is Actually Good

Collard greens are usually planted towards the middle or end of the summer. Since they take about two months to grow, the leaves are generally harvested during the fall. The leaves of these plants actually take on a sweeter flavor if they are subjected to a small amount of frost.

Collard greens are a great side dish. If you are a meat eater, try cooking your greens with a couple of ham hocks for some additional flavor. Greens are also an excellent source of vitamin C and lots of fiber. Are you thinking about grown lots of collard greens for your family or only for yourself?

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