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5 Tips on Growing Banana Plants ...

By Aprille

I would love to have banana trees all around my house. The enormous leaves are amazing for creating lots of shade, plus bananas are one of my favorite fruits. It is a close tie between apples and bananas. If you are in the market for one of these trees, then here are 5 tips on growing banana plants you can use.

5 Full Sun is Necessary for Banana Trees

These large plants need at least 12 hours of sunlight each day. Being sun-worshippers, banana trees prefer to be placed in the warmest location possible. Cold and wind are two weather conditions they don’t like at all.

4 Provide with Lots of Water

Banana trees like to be watered whenever their soil feels dry. You can test the soil surrounding the banana tree to see if watering needs to take place. These tropical trees don’t like to be left in standing water.


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3 Well-drained Soil is Best

In order to avoid the chance of drowning your banana tree, planting it in well-drained soil is optimal. If the soil in your area is too compact, then applying a thick layer of loose soil will enable the tree to spread its roots throughout the soil.

2 Bring It in from the Cold

A few varieties of banana trees can tolerate cooler weather, but they definitely don’t like winter. This is where having the banana tree in a large container makes things much easier. Even if you have to enlist the help of a friend to get the plant moved to a warmer location.

1 Avoid Drafts

Whether you bring in the entire tree or just place the roots in a container, avoid drafty areas. It’s best to keep the planter near a sunny window, but make sure to cover the window with a clear plastic to keep cold wind off of the banana tree or roots.

I live in a climate where it’s possible to plant banana trees outdoors during the summer. However, the winters are harsh enough that banana trees left outside end up dying. Most people plant the adults outside and harvest the smaller shoots that come off the main plant during the summer. Have you had much success with growing a banana tree?

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