5 Basic Gardening Tools You Need ...

By Aprille

5 Basic Gardening Tools You Need ...

So, what do you need when you garden? Sure, you need your hands and a green thumb, but what about the tools? If you are a beginner, then this blog should come in handy for you. Below, I am going to give you 5 basic gardening tools you need.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Gloves
  2. 2. A Garden Spade
  3. 3. Garden Rake
  4. 4. Garden Hose
  5. 5. Garden Cart

5 Gloves

Don’t forget your gardening gloves! That is, if you care much about your hands. The gardening gloves will help to protect your hands. If your hands are not used to gardening, then your fingers could easily get blisters. You also need to be protected from stones and sticks.

4 A Garden Spade

Garden spades make great tools for planting plants. They also help to get at the bottom of those weeds. Sure, you will not be using this tool every day, but you will need it sometimes and it makes the job a whole lot easier.

3 Garden Rake

Are you going to forget about the rake? This is a sturdy rake. It is usually short and has teeth that are strong steel. You will first use it to level and smooth the garden.

2 Garden Hose

Hey, you can’t forget about the garden hose! Unless you plan on carrying those heavy buckets of water to your plants. This is definitely something you need. I think it is one of the most important garden tools, besides the hands.

1 Garden Cart

You could do without it, but I think it makes everything a whole lot easier. It comes in handy when it comes to hauling compost to the garden. They come in many different shapes and styles.

So, there you have the 5 tools that you need in your garden. These are the 5 tools that I would not start a garden without. Oh and don’t forget to let the sun shine on your beautiful garden!

Top Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

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