5 Smelly Plants to Grow ...

Some plants have an unpleasant odor, but are too beautiful or useful to be omitted from a garden just because of their scent. 5 smelly plants to grow are listed below. While these may stink to one person, others might find them completely tolerable.

5. Tulbaghia

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The leaves smell like garlic, which some people find to be stinky. The flowers are very delicate and pinkish purple. They are great around the edges of a garden or along a sidewalk. The thin leaves look like a thick grass and are a dark green.

4. Bradford Pear Tree

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Even though the blossoms on these trees absolutely smell, they do form on a tree that is able to provide plenty of shade. They have an excellent shape to their branches and aren’t often harmed by excessive amounts of ice or wind. These are smelly and hardy little trees.

3. Paper White Narcissus

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Some people think that the blossoms on this plant smell like cat pee. They are dainty and white. These can be grown indoors during the cooler months or placed outside in the garden. They are bulbs, so each plant comes back every year.

2. Purple Passion Plant

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The flowers smell like dead animals. The funny thing is that the plant has some purple tinged leaves at the top, but the flowers are orange and look like puffballs. Some people will avoid smelling the blooms altogether by snipping off the buds before they can blossom.

1. Valerian

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The root of this plant smells like stinky socks, mostly the socks of a teenage boy who enjoys sports. While the flowers are pleasant, it’s the root that has medicinal value. This is one of the smelliest of all the plants in this list, but also a very beneficial one too.

People who can’t get past the smell of these plants should at least give one or two of them a try. If planted in an area that is wide open, the stink is often able to be ignored. Do you have any of these plants in your yard? Do you think they smell as bad as people say they do?

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