5 Tips on Growing Beautiful Sunflowers ...


5 Tips on Growing Beautiful Sunflowers ...
5 Tips on Growing Beautiful Sunflowers ...

There’s nothing that brightens up my day like seeing a field full of golden sunflowers. Although I don’t have a field to cover in sunflowers, I do enjoy growing a small patch of them in my back yard. The 5 tips on growing beautiful sunflowers that are listed below can help you to grow your own miniature patch of sunshine. These large yellow beauties are very easy to grow!

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Only Mix Seeds of Sunflowers That Grow to Be a Similar Height

I like to combine seeds and sprinkle them all on the ground at once. This technique works best when the plants will grow to be around the same height. Not all sunflowers grot to be 10 foot monster plants. Some sunflowers are on the small side. It’s best to plant seeds from each packet individually, so that you can make sure smaller sunflower plants aren’t going to be snuffed out by the larger ones.


Make Sure All Signs of Frost Have Passed

Don’t fall for a false spring! You want to make sure that your seedlings will be able to pop up and grow without being killed off by frost. Having warm soil will also help give the seeds a boost.


Choose a Sunny Location

Sunflowers like the sunshine; it’s as easy as that. Plant seeds in a location that doesn’t have any shade, if you want your plants to grow as fast and as large as they possibly can. These are one type of plant that doesn’t mind the sun beating down on them.


Water the Soil Thoroughly after Planting Seeds

The hard shell will remain intact as long as it remains dry. Make sure to soak the ground right after planting your sunflower seeds. This will soften up the shell and allow the little kernel inside to emerge in perfect conditions.


Cover Seeds with Straw after Planting

I’ve found that covering my newly planted sunflower seeds protects them from being scavenged by crows. One summer, I had a few crows sitting in the trees and watching me plant my sunflower seeds. As soon as I went in the house and looked out the kitchen window, I could see the crows digging each little seed up and devouring it. Covering the ground with straw will keep birds from noticing any seeds that might be poking through the freshly tilled soil.

Best of luck with your sunflower crop! I hope these tips help you raise a successful batch of sunflowers. Do you usually plant a specific type of sunflower each year?

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