5 Tips on Keeping the Garden Beautiful ...


5 Tips on Keeping the Garden Beautiful ...
5 Tips on Keeping the Garden Beautiful ...

My flower garden is my pride and joy. I strive to keep it looking as nice as possible, for both myself and for the neighbors who drive past. I thought I’d share my 5 tips on keeping the garden beautiful with you for use with your garden.

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Include Some Landscaping Techniques

You don’t have to be a professional landscaping technician to create an interesting garden display. A nice rock wall made from rocks collected in the woods can add a certain touch that can’t be achieved with traditional bricks.


Mix Colors Together

A colorful flower garden is always more eye-catching than a monochromatic one. Mixing up the colors of the flowers often inadvertently enables you to have flowers blooming at different times as well. Having flowers that are constantly blooming will keep your garden looking great for a longer period of time too.


Fertilize when Necessary

It’s always best to till in some fertilizer a couple of weeks before actually planting your garden. After this, add a bit of fertilizer at least once a month. Some stores sell special fertilizer for certain plants, such as roses. There are some plants that require a different combination of nutrients than others.


Water Regularly

Too little water can cut the blooming season of your flower garden very short. This doesn’t mean to drown your plants daily, since this can cause the roots to rot. I try to water every couple of days or so, depending on what the weather has been like.


Trim off the Dead Stuff

There’s nothing more unsightly then a bunch of dead flowers sitting on top of plants that are still blooming. Some plants actually benefit from having the old blossoms picked off. Geraniums are a good example of this type of plant. As you keep picking off the dead blooms, new ones keep appearing.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. I know that most of them are common sense, but it never hurts to write them down for people who are new to gardening. Do you have some techniques you’d like to pass on to new gardeners? How do you keep your garden looking its best?

Top Photo Credit: Rana Pipiens

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