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5 Tips on Growing Sunflowers ...

By Aprille

My neighbor used to grow a field of sunflowers every year. I loved seeing the yellow heads move as they followed the sun across the sky, hence where these giant flowers get their name. If you are thinking about planting some seeds for these beautiful flowers, then the following 5 tips on growing sunflowers might prove useful to you.

5 Soak the Seeds to Give Them a Head Start

Planting sunflower seeds directly in the ground will still give you gorgeous flowers, but soaking the seeds the night before will give them a little bit of a boost. The softened shell will allow water to get to the seed and enable it to start gathering nutrients from the soil right away.

4 Fertilize for Larger Plants

Organic fertilizer can be added to the soil before planting the seeds and a diluted liquid fertilizer can be given every couple of weeks when the plants begin to grow. Some people use old coffee grounds too and seem to have great results with this.

3 Give Them Plenty of Room

The giant sunflowers can get as tall as 15 feet with a head measuring 20 inches or more. Sunflowers send their roots out in all directions; around them and down. This great root spread means they need room to gather food and water without being obstructed by a neighboring sunflower.

2 Cover New Seeds Well

I tried sprinkling some seeds on top of fertile ground, since sunflower seeds seem to be able to sprout in all sorts of conditions. I later caught a glimpse of a handful of birds picking the seeds off the ground and eating them. I ended up replanting new seeds later on and making sure to cover them with dirt.

1 Choose a Sunny Location

As their name entails, these majestic flowers love the sunshine. Be sure to plant seeds in a place that will receive lots of sunshine all day long or at least most of the day. With them being in the sun most of the time, this means they also will need plenty of water so they don’t dry out.

The bright yellow petals always make me smile and I know the birds enjoy eating the ripe sunflower seeds, which also makes me happy. Do you like to grow the traditional yellow sunflowers or some of the darker colored varieties? Do you grow them for yourself or for the wildlife that frequent your yard?

Top Photo Credit: Chrisser

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