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5 Tips on Growing the Best Tomatoes ...

By Aprille

Many people think that growing tomatoes are hard to do and is something that only an expert can do. However, this is not true! Don’t not grow tomatoes just because you think it is hard. You will be surprised in the end with a delicate, juicy fruit! Below, I am going to give you 5 tips on growing the best tomatoes – take these tips and run with them!

1 Provide Enough Sunlight

It is important that you provide the seedlings with enough sunlight. They will need to have direct sunlight or you can put them under grow lights for up to eighteen hours. The young plants should be a couple of inches from the grow light. When it is time to plant them outside, make sure you pick the sunniest part of your plot to do that.

2 Put a Fan on the Seedlings

Some do not know this trick. Tomatoes need to sway and move in the breeze. Why? So that they will develop strong stems. Give them a breeze by turning your fan on for ten minutes a day, two times a day.

3 Remove Their Bottom Leaves

Did you know that you’re supposed to take their bottom leaves off once they are about three inches tall? Usually, these are the first leaves that get the fungus problem. They are known for getting little

4 Don’t Forget to Water Your Tomato Plants

Of course, it is important that the tomato plants get enough water. While the plants are developing, you should water them regularly and do so deeply. Irregular watering will lead to the blossom cracking and rotting. Once the fruit starts to turn red, start watering it less. This will coax the plant into concentrating the sugars.

5 Pluck the First Flowers

Many of the experiences growers take the first flowers off. Why is this? It is so that the plant doesn’t devote its energy to creating the fruit before the foliage and roots have matured.

There you have 5 tips on growing tomatoes. This is something that the whole family can take part in!

Top Photo Credit: Miriam :)

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