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5 Plants to Grow for Medical Help ...

By Aprille

The 5 plants to grow for medical help that I listed below are ones that I always have in my own garden. Many of them I learned the value of from my mom and grandmother. I hope you find something beneficial in at least one of these plants that you can use.

5 Lemon Balm

This looks a lot like wild mint, but leaves have lemony smell. The leaves can be added to salads, dried to make teas, or used for cooking purposes. Teas help with insomnia, depression, upset stomach, colic in babies, calms nerves, and menstrual cramp relief. It is also used as bug repellent when rubbed on skin.

4 Dandelion

Fresh dandelion juice applied to wounds helps heal them and fight off bacteria. Latex in the sap aids in wart removal as well. Tea made with leaves helps with urinary disorders, strengthens kidneys, and is a diuretic. It doesn’t rid the body of potassium like some diuretics can.


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3 Bee Balm

Red, purple, or pink flowers are seen on this plant. Leaves and flowers are used in tea for headaches, gastric disorders, soothing sore throat, relief of gas, and insomnia. Inhaling steam from the entire plant also helps with sore throat and easier breathing when there is a lot of mucus present.

2 Yarrow

White flowers and fernlike leaves are identifiable characteristics on this plant. It can be used externally for treating wounds and stopping blood flowing from the wound. The tea is also a great remedy for colds, flu, cramps, and stomach ulcers. It reduces inflammation, but large doses cause sunlight sensitivity.

1 Feverfew

Tiny flowers scattered all over this plant look like daisies. The citrus scented leaves reduce fever, aid with headaches, ease digestive issues, and lessen the effects of arthritis. It is considered to be a perennial herb. The flowers and leaves are both used. This is a rather hardy plant and looks great along the edges of a sidewalk or in a small window sill planter.

Most of these plants have been used for medicinal purposes for years and years. There is plenty of research on them and even additional uses are mentioned. Do you use any of these plants for medical purposes? Are there other ones that you prefer to use?

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