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By Aprille

Not everyone is able to have a sprawling lawn to plant trees on. I like to have an assortment of trees in my yard and there are a couple of small spaces where a large tree isn’t able to survive. Thankfully I have a choice of trees that come in dwarf varieties as well as a few that are just plain small. Here are 5 trees for small spaces that might be interesting to you.

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Blackgold Sweet Cherry

The dark red cherries this tree produces are glossy and gorgeous against the toothed grass-green leaves. It blooms late enough to avoid getting hit with a spring frost and it is also frost tolerant. These trees are self-pollinating, so you only need one in order to produce an abundance of the heart-shaped fruit. This cherry tree is also crack and disease resistant, making them extra hardy.


Kilmarnock Willow

This tree is so small that it is sometimes considered to be more of a shrub. These willow trees can reach heights of up to 6 feet and widths also of about 6 feet. The branches hang down like the large weeping willows. These small trees are tolerant to rabbits, deer, and pollution. Little yellow flowers appear in the springtime.


Persian Ironwood

While this tree has the capability to grow up to 100 feet tall, most people keep the top trimmed so that it remains a much smaller tree. They are cultivated as an ornamental tree because of the stunning fall colors produced. The pinkish bark is smooth, but flakes off to reveal patches of cinnamon, pale yellow, pink, and green. The dark red flowers appear in a red cluster close to winter time.


Kaffir Lime

The limes from this tree are popular in Southeast Asian cooking. Even the leaves are used in some Indonesian cuisine. This tree is rather thorny, but very aromatic. The fruit produce are rather warty or bumpy in appearance. These trees are perfect for growing in a container if you are really strapped for space.


Weeping Redbud

I think this is a great combination for a small tree; redbud blooms and weeping branches. Another name for this tree is the Twisted Lavender Redbud. The purplish flowers bloom for about 3 weeks and add tons of color to any garden spot. The heart-shaped leaves will form once the blooms have all fallen off the tree.

Remember that you can always bonsai a larger variety of tree, in order to make it fit in a smaller space. There will be a lot more pruning and shaping involved, but it is another option. I hope these trees give you some new ideas on what types of small trees are available. What types of trees do you prefer for your garden area; evergreen, flowering, or fruiting trees?

Top Photo Credit: jcsanders21

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