5 Tips on Growing Wild Flowers ...


5 Tips on Growing Wild Flowers ...
5 Tips on Growing Wild Flowers ...

There are so many easy varieties of wildflowers to choose from. Cornflower, Black Eyed Susan, Toadflax, Cosmos, and Shasta Daisy are just a few kinds of wildflowers that do well for almost everyone. The 5 tips on growing wild flowers described below will help you get started with your wild flower garden.

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Purchase Quality Seeds

Most reputable seed companies have a variety of wildflower mixes to choose from. I bought a mix that included native flowers for my area. This was the best way for me to ensure that the seeds would actually grow here in this harsh climate. Low quality seed mixes often contain only one or two wildflower varieties which don’t make for a very dramatic gardenscape.


Choose a Sunny Location

Most mixes include seeds for sun-loving flowers. It’s a very rare occasion that the mix will include some seeds that require full sun and others that need shade. I like to pick a spot where the grass just doesn’t seem to grow well at all. I’ve also planted them along side some wildflowers that are currently growing and had great success.


Sow in the Fall or Early Spring

If you live in a climate where the winters are cold, then sowing wildflower seeds in the fall will allow them to rest a bit longer. The seeds will continue to stay dormant until the spring rains and warm weather arrive. Sowing seeds in the spring will give you a crop of wildflowers much sooner.


Prepare the Planting Site

Just because these are wildflowers, this doesn’t mean you can simply toss the seeds on the ground and expect them to successfully grow. Birds are prone to eating seeds they find lying about the yard, so many of your loose seeds might end up bird food. It’s best to get rid of weeds, till the soil, and make sure to sow the seeds at least an inch or two below the surface.


Mow Wildflower Area Each Fall

Once your wildflowers have finished blooming, raise the mower blade up about 6 inches from the ground and mow the area. If this isn’t possible, them cut off the spend blooms and hand disperse the seeds.

I hope these 5 tips are helpful to you and your flowers grow with much enthusiasm! I love how these seem to spread on their own. They also tend to show up in some very random places in the yard. What types of wildflowers do you like the best? How did you decide to start growing wild flowers?

Top Photo Credit: Martin_Heigan

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