5 Tips on Decorating Your Garden for the Holidays ...


5 Tips on Decorating Your Garden for the Holidays ...
5 Tips on Decorating Your Garden for the Holidays ...

I’m always looking for new ways to make things around the house more festive, including my garden. Ribbons and bows are easy enough to add to fence posts and such, but the 5 tips on decorating your garden for the holidays go a bit further than this. I hope you enjoy these tips!

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Group Container Plants Together

You can make a quick display for the holidays by having a variety of plants each placed in a different sized container and clustering these all together. Put a bit of artistic flair into the grouping process and don’t simply shove all the pots in one group. Go for some tall plants in the back and some smaller colorful ones in the front.


Plant Some Fall Color

There are plenty of plants that have gorgeous red, burgundy, or orange leaves all fall. They add just the right amount of color to any garden for the holiday. Even the smallest amount of color will be noticed when friends and family visit for the holidays.


Hang a Wreath or Two

Wreaths are simple to make and most are very inexpensive to purchase. You can hang one on the garden gate to create a festive entryway. If you have an arch that covers a portion of the garden, add some greenery to this area as well. The birds love flitting in and out of the greenery too!


Place Potted Plants along the Edges

You can choose to add potted plants that are dramatic in appearance and really stand out from the rest of the garden or place some of the container plants you currently have in festive pots. Red and green plastic flower pots can be placed right over an exiting container and bedecked with a gold or silver ribbon for a holiday touch.


Wrap Trees in Lights

I’m all about miniature lights during the holidays. I have them on many trees in the garden and alongside the house. They are especially gorgeous once the snow starts to fall. Even if you have only a small tree or evergreen plant in the garden with a few twinkle lights in it, this will make an eye-catching display.

I hope these tips are helpful when you’re trying to think of ways to decorate your garden for the holidays. I love decorating, especially when it involves sprucing up the garden for the holidays. What decorating tips do you have to share with others?

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