8 Magnificent Plants You Can Grow in a Pot ...

By Jelena

8 Magnificent Plants You Can Grow in a Pot ...

Living in an apartment building or having a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should restrain yourself from growing anything more demanding than a cactus. In fact, there is a whole bunch of extraordinary, beautiful and even edible plants that are completely capable of living a happy live indoors! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, then I’m sure you’ll love these 8 plants:

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1 Braided Ficus Tree

If you have a regular Ficus, you know how low-maintenance this plant really is. If you don’t, just take my word for it – My mom has never managed to successfully grow any indoor plant (including cacti) and yet, the Ficus she got as a present 2 years ago is still alive and well. A braided Ficus tree will definitely bring a breath of nature into your living room, office or any other big space you want to “soften-up” and make warm and comfortable. Plus, it doesn’t require any direct light so you don’t have to waste any usable space. Just put it in a bright corner and you’re done!

2 Moth Orchid

Absolutely gorgeous, colorful and incredibly easy to grow! Moth Orchids are available in many colors ranging from neutral to totally exotic, plus, they are not expensive at all! This magnificent plant doesn’t like dry air and direct light so you can even put it in the bathroom. Now, I’m going to give you some care tips too, because I used to have a purple one and, believe it or not, it died due to the wrong caring tips the seller has given me! Do not water it too much, regardless of what the sales person tells you. Water it once a day in the summer or once every two days during less hot months of the year. These orchids start to rot very easily but as long as you remember not to leave it to sit in water and mist it regularly, everything will be fine and your plant will keep surprising you with those breath-taking flowers for months to come!

3 Amaryllis

If you like exotic flowers and don’t mind the extra care they require, Amaryllis is the ideal plant for you. Amaryllis or Belladonna is basically a bulb you need to plant and remove from the ground after each cycle is completed. Once you plant it, it will start growing leafs and in 6-8 weeks time gorgeous flowers will follow too. The size of the bulb determines the number of flowers so, if you want more of them, do get a bigger bulb. Amaryllis blooms only once per cycle but its luscious, wide leaves look pretty amazing too. Once the cycle is completed and the leaves start to yellow, you should cut them to the bulb, remove the bulb from the pot and store it in the refrigerator for at least six weeks.

4 Chamaedorea Palm

Widely known as Bamboo or Reed Palm, this plant will make every day feel like tropical vacation! This palm isn’t what you would call a tiny tabletop plant but, hey, if you have a large living room that could use a little bit of color, this could be a great choice for you. Similar to many other tropical plants, palms don’t like to be soaked in water and that’s good news for all of us “lazy gardeners”. Yup, you should allow them to dry out completely before adding water! Great, isn’t it?

5 Coffee Plant

You won’t be able to produce your own coffee, but you can at least admire your brand new plant while drinking it. Having you own coffee plant -How cool is that?! When kept indoors, coffee plant doesn’t blossom or produce any fruits but its bright green leaves could sure make your home or office a happier, more colorful place. Plus, whenever you sit down for a cup of fresh coffee, you’ll know that it came from a plant that looks exactly like yours.

6 Pineapple Guava

This small evergreen shrub is not only easy to grow but useful too. Its flowers are kind of sweet and can be used in salads and, if you manage to deliver proper care, you can expect very unusual-tasting fruits too. Grow it in a large pot, trim to get the desired shape and you’ll have a plant that’s green all year round. It required a lot of sunlight but you must find a place that will allow it to have some shade too. Good news? You won’t have to worry about pests and diseases plus, it doesn’t require a lot of fertilizer.

7 Dwarf Lemons or Oranges

Citrus fruits can be grown in a pot too! After all, it always feels great to use a fruit knowing that it came from your own tree. These tiny trees need a lot of sunlight and moist to produce fruits so you should keep them next to a window and mist them regularly. Be careful, though, because when this plant gets used to your home, sudden changes may shock it. So, if you’re planning to move it on the balcony during summer, you must give it some time to get used to this. So leave it on the balcony for a couple of hours then return it inside, gradually increasing the time spent on the balcony as the days pass.

8 Air Plants

And finally, we come to air plants! So, if you’re not really fond of pots, you’ll definitely love this miraculous plant that doesn’t need soil or a pot to grow. Air plants are colorful, fun and produce the most amazing flowers ever. They get their food through leaves and rely on their host only for support which, of course, makes them ideal for playing around and creating crazy tiny centerpieces or huge colorful stands. Lazy gardeners will be happy to know that these plants don’t need a lot of water to survive-soaking the whole plant in a bucket or a kitchen sink twice a week is enough to keep it hydrated.

Have you ever grown any of these? I had the opportunity to practice my gardening skills on orchids and amaryllis and, although it didn’t exactly end with the “happily ever after”, I can certainly vouch for their beauty!

Top Photo Credit: mediaboytodd

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