5 Ways to Grow the Best Strawberries ...

By Aprille

I grew up picking strawberries at my grandparents’ house. They had a row of plants that ran up the length of the entire driveway. Since I’ve been old enough to have my own garden, strawberries have always been a part of it. 5 ways to grow the best strawberries are listed below to help you to get started with your own strawberry patch.

5 Watch for Diseases

Even plants get sick. Strawberries can get root rot, fruit rot, and fungus, each of which will eventually kill your plants. Each one can be treated before the plant is so affected that it cannot be saved. Most nurseries carry a variety of sprays that will take care of each of these diseases.

4 Feed Them

There are special fertilizers made just for berries. Be sure to fertilize the plants twice a year, once before they flower and then again after you’ve harvested the berries. Hint: More phosphorus in the fertilizer gives you bigger berries.

3 Keep the Bugs off

Sometimes bugs don’t do as much damage as birds do. I’ve chased many crows out of my strawberry patch. Mothballs will keep rabbits out and there is a simple solution for the bugs; dish soap. Making up some sudsy water and spraying this on the aphids will get rid of the bugs without harming your plant or fruit.

2 Weed Control

Weeds are great at causing strawberry plants to become disease infested. Mulching with straw will greatly reduce the weed population. If you don’t want to use straw, then there are plenty of other options as well; newspapers, leaves, pine needles, or black plastic.

1 Proper Planting

Strawberries need well-drained soil, lots of sun, and to be placed the appropriate distance apart. When strawberry plants get too close together, they don’t have the room needed to allow each plant to expand as much as it needs to. The average distance apart for most strawberry plant varieties is between 18 and 24 inches.

I hope these 5 ways help you to raise some of the yummiest strawberries around. Some varieties of strawberries are much hardier than others, so be sure to shop around before deciding on which kind to buy. Do you have a garden with strawberry plants already? What do you do to make them grow big and health?

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