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5 Reasons to Fertilize Plants ...

By Aprille

If you are fortunate enough to have extremely fertile soil, than you probably don’t have any reason to worry about fertilizing your garden areas. However, if you live in an area where the soil is far from prime, then fertilizing is most likely a necessary task. Here are 5 reasons to fertilize plants.

5 It Helps to Grow Bigger Veggies

Who wants puny tomatoes? I add fertilizer to my vegetables so they can be as big as possible. I like tomatoes that are large enough that I can cut a slice and have it fill an entire piece of bread. These huge tomatoes make the best BLTs!

4 Your Flowers Will Have Enough Nutrients to Mature

A few flowers that I have each year in my garden must be re-seeded with my help. This means that they must have enough nutrients in the soil to become fully mature and produce seeds for me to spread over the garden. If these plants aren’t supplied with enough fertile soil to produce seeds, then that’ll be the end of these particular flowers.

3 Fertilizing Landscaping Plants Can Add Value to Your Property

People who have spent a lot of money on landscaping know how important it is to maintain a healthy yard. If ornamental bushes, shrubs, trees, and other plants around the yard are fertilized regularly, then they will look fabulous all year long. A great looking yard increases property value by quite a lot.

2 Healthy Plants Are Easier to Maintain

When you don’t have to keep pulling dead leaves and branches out of plants, you’ll spend a lot less time in the yard. Adding a bit of fertilizer will keep plants healthy and less likely to become diseased. I’d much rather look at a yard full of beautiful plants than have to spend hours pulling them up because they are dead.

1 Who Doesn’t like Compliments on Their Gorgeous Gardens?

I happen to enjoy receiving compliments on how great my garden looks. I’d much rather hear good things about my plants then have the neighbors complain about how horrid the yard looks.

I’m glad there are many types of fertilizers to choose from today. I don’t have to worry about putting harsh chemicals on my garden when I can fertilize it and keep it healthy this way. Do you fertilize your plants regularly? Is this due to soil conditions or because you simply want to supply your plants with some extra nutrients?

Top Photo Credit: Jan Egil Kristiansen

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