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Top 6 Cactus Plants to Have ...

By Aprille

The great thing about cactus plants is that they require very little care. I’m horrible at remember to water plants. I actually have to write down dates on my calendar, otherwise I’ll forget to water my poor houseplants. I live in a place that is extremely warm during the summer, so cacti are the perfect plants to have. There are many that I like, but the top 6 cactus plants to have are listed below.

6 Ferocactus Echidne

The shape of this cactus is sort of like a barrel. It can grow to be up to 8 inches tall and it will bloom in mid-summer. The flowers are very tiny and yellow. Each flower can grow to be around an inch in diameter.

5 Pediocactus Simpsonii V. Minor

This short, wide cactus grows to be an average of 3 by 5 inches. It is also known as the Mountain Spiny Star. The flowers on this cactus grow in a cluster on the very top plant, ranging between bright pink and salmon in color.

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4 Opuntia Fragilis

Commonly known as Little Prickly Pear or Brittle Prickly Pear, this cactus is very tiny and compact. It doesn’t get much taller than 4 inches. This is the perfect size for a window ledge. There is a sort of whitish wool that covers these cacti. The flowers are a beautiful greenish yellow and are around an inch wide.

3 Escobaria Vivipara

The common name for this cactus is Spinystar and grows to be around 6 inches tall. The spines covering the outside of this oblong cactus are in a thick mat of star-shaped arrays. Flowers on these small cacti are almost 2 inches wide and can be pink, yellow, or purple.

2 Thelocactus

This is a rather small cactus and doesn’t get much taller than about 6 inches. The spines and flowers both vary in color. Some plants have spines that are white, while others are gray, red-brown, or even yellow. The funnel shaped flowers are purple, red, or yellow.

1 Christmas Cactus

The pink blooms on this house cactus seem to last for weeks at a time. I planted a small chunk of my mother’s cactus plant in a hanging basket in the kitchen and it has grown into a beautiful specimen. I like how the blooms on this cactus aren’t only in one small area; they fill the entire plant with color.

If I didn’t have the option to raise hardy cacti, then I might not have any houseplants at all! I couldn’t begin to recall how many poor plants have met their demise on my kitchen windowsill. Do you have any cacti in your home? What do you like best about them?

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