7 Plants for a Very Sunny Balcony ...


7 Plants for a Very Sunny Balcony ...
7 Plants for a Very Sunny Balcony ...

Plants for a sunny balcony aren’t the easiest ones to pick out and if you live in a place as hot and sunny as my own, you definitely understand the importance of having the right plants in the right place. Most of us new, inexperienced gardeners believe that all pretty plants require partial shade at least and, as such, won’t do well in a very exposed balcony. Well, guess what? We’re wrong! There are plenty of plants for a sunny balcony that tolerate sun, each better and prettier than the next. I’ve prettied up my balcony with a few as well and still can’t believe they do so well in such harsh conditions. Here are a few interesting, popular choices for you to make.

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Petunia One of the most popular plants for a sunny balcony, Petunias will continue to surprise you with new blooms throughout the spring, summer and even a good part of autumn! You will need to water them every three to four days but it is a small price to pay for so many gorgeous, colorful and often fragrant flowers that, although a bit sticky, do surprisingly well in full sun, even on the hottest of days. Petunias are annuals and need to be purchased or propagated from seed each year, thus allowing you to choose different colors and enjoy your balcony anew each year.



Callistemon Super easy to grow and incredibly undemanding, should you ever need a taller plant to provide that much-needed shade or simply love low-maintenance plants, Callistemon, also known as bottlebrush, will prove to be a perfect choice. Its exotic-looking fluffy flowers will certainly improve the look of your balcony, sun and heat won’t hurt it and we’re talking about a hardy shrub not favored by numerous pests and whatnot.


Thymus Caespititius

Thymus Caespititius Want to get creative? Why not choose this interesting, fragrant plant? Thymus Caespititius is a low, ground covering shrub that could help you make a part of your balcony look like a garden. It will grow even in a very shallow pot and bloom heavily from late spring to late summer. Now that’s a lot of blooms right there and they aren’t only pretty but fragrant, too!


Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes Flowers are pretty, tomatoes are edible! And you can have both so why choose? These bad guys actually need 6 to 8 hours of sun every day, which means that you can plant them in full sun and expect them to do great! My cherry tomatoes are having the time of their lives, growing happily in a place no other plant had found up to its liking. They aren’t as pretty as a bunch of lilies, of course, but they’re lush, green, cute in their own way and, hopefully, on a good path of providing a lot of good-quality, home grown salad ingredients.


Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower Speaking about plants that tolerate sun and look super-pretty, why not give Blanket flower a chance? Now there’s an undemanding, gorgeous flower ideal for brightening up a small balcony! They’ll bloom throughout the season, making sure there are always fresh flowers for you to enjoy, aren’t super-picky in terms of soil requirements and attract butterflies, as a bonus. What more could you ask for?



Agave Not a flower, not a vegetable but not without a strange sort of beauty, either! Agave might be a bit prickly for some but I definitely love it. It absolutely and totally adores the sun and wouldn’t mind being partially forgotten, plus I hear it happens to be just as cool as Aloe Vera and therefore quite useful to have around in case of severe sunburns, bites or allergies. It’s a perfect plant for a sunny balcony, too – find a cool-looking pot, arrange some rocks and sempervivums around it and you’ve got yourself a mini rock garden.



Daisies Aweee! Sorry ladies but these just make me feel warm and fuzzy all over for reasons absolutely unknown! Gotta get myself some daisies! You should do it too – they’re super-pretty, love sunny spots and attract butterflies and birds (well, bees too, but hey, bees are good, right?). Check blue Felicia daisies out and you’ll see exactly how stunning these little beauties can be!

See? There are tons of gorgeous plants that tolerate sun! Would you consider putting any of these on your balcony and which would it be?

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