7 Plants for a Very Sunny Balcony ...

Plants for a sunny balcony aren’t the easiest ones to pick out and if you live in a place as hot and sunny as my own, you definitely understand the importance of having the right plants in the right place. Most of us new, inexperienced gardeners believe that all pretty plants require partial shade at least and, as such, won’t do well in a very exposed balcony. Well, guess what? We’re wrong! There are plenty of plants for a sunny balcony that tolerate sun, each better and prettier than the next. I’ve prettied up my balcony with a few as well and still can’t believe they do so well in such harsh conditions. Here are a few interesting, popular choices for you to make.

1. Petunia

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One of the most popular plants for a sunny balcony, Petunias will continue to surprise you with new blooms throughout the spring, summer and even a good part of autumn! You will need to water them every three to four days but it is a small price to pay for so many gorgeous, colorful and often fragrant flowers that, although a bit sticky, do surprisingly well in full sun, even on the hottest of days. Petunias are annuals and need to be purchased or propagated from seed each year, thus allowing you to choose different colors and enjoy your balcony anew each year.

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