7 Cool Things You Can do to Spice up Your Yard ...

By Fawn

7 Cool Things You Can do to Spice up Your Yard ...

Is it just me or is summertime the best time to spice up your yard a little bit? It's hot, plants are in bloom and everyone seems to be outside looking at your yard. Well, these are the coolest things that I've seen/done that will really spice up your yard and make your house the go to place for ideas in the neighborhood!

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1 Add Cool Lighting

Add Cool Lighting This year I found the coolest glass bulb solar lights that I have ever seen and let me tell you, they are a hit! I've seen so many cool outdoor lighting systems this summer and they are a great way to spice up your yard and also showcase it at night!

2 Add a Plant Couch

Add a Plant Couch Find out how to make a plant couch here on Instructables: instructables.com. This might just be the coolest thing that I have ever seen. It's a great way to add natural seating to your yard and it looks so cool. I personally like it better when the grass on your couch is really well trimmed. It just looks neater to me but since the couch is made for you, by you, you can decide how long or short you want your grass seat to be.

3 Add Cool Planters

Add Cool Planters If you've ever done an internet search for planters, you've seen just how cool they can be. From multilevel pot planters to cinderblock planters to hanging wire planters, cool planters are super easy to make (and pretty easy on the pocketbook) and they add an element of interest that you don't get from a simple terracotta pot!

4 Make a Bed Flower Bed

Make a Bed Flower Bed Check them out a small version here at scoop.com: scoop.it. I LOVE these. Basically all you need is a really awesome headboard and foot board and a little bit of space. The headboard and foot board get a little buried and then you plant your flowers in between them. It's definitely a talking piece and it's pretty flipping adorable. You can make them as big or as small as you want (it's not as though you're sticking a mattress in there like you used to). You can also use just about any headboard and foot board. I personally love the look of the iron headboard and foot board but there are also some really cool wooden ones.

5 Make Fence Art

Make Fence Art The coolest thing I have seen all summer is an awesome fence that was painted all white but had a dandelion blowing off in the wind painted on to it. It was interesting, and the dandelion bits were in different sizes to give it depth. I personally think that fence art is a great and super easy way to make your yard interesting, plus you can do it on either side of your fence. If you don't want anyone else to see it, you can just paint the side that faces in so that you have a personal art show every time you go into your backyard.

6 DIY Benches/ Seating

DIY Benches/ Seating I love the look of homemade cedar benches, and with the latest DIY craze it's so easy to find a million and five websites to tell you how to make exactly what you want. As easy as it is to go out and find a cedar bench made for the outdoors, I personally think it's much cooler to make it yourself (and a lot cheaper too). Plus, when you make something yourself, you have bragging rights until whatever you make falls apart and needs to be replaced!

7 Add Some Color

Add Some Color That's right, it's as simple as adding a little color. There is nothing more boring than a yard that could be great falling to the wayside because it's bland. Add a colorful flower bed, paint the stones on the path to your house, paint your front door; just add some color!

Well ladies, these are the things I think will spice up your yard! What have you done to make your yard spicy? Let me know down below!

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Hanging the tealight holders give a lovely ambiance to

Flowing water structures big or small always glams up the whole place But the bench thing is totally awesome

Love this! Great article! We just moved and have a pretty decent yard that we can use some of these for.

I love that DIY bench, I gotta build that!!! :-)

Sorry the plant couch" thing

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