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To all you agave lovers out there, I’ve got some tips for growing blue agave indoors so you can have this natural sweetener anytime you want. Agave is a controversial sweetener. Eating a low-glycemic diet myself, I see the benefits of eating agave instead of refined sugar, however you should know, it is still very high in sugar, just like regular sugar. If you’re going to consume agave, you should consume raw blue agave whenever possible. The raw version is much more nutritious, and contains vitamins and minerals that processed agave does not have. You can have your own supply, with some of these tips for growing blue agave indoors. Agave is a cactus-like plant, therefore is cared for much like cactus plants are.

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Start with a Shallow Pot

One of the key things to know about growing blue agave indoors is to start with a shallow pot. Blue agave plant seeds can be planted in as little as 2 inches of soil. It’s best to start out in a small pot, and transfer it to a larger pot once it begins to sprout larger leaves. Your pot also needs to have a drainage place at the bottom so the seed doesn’t rot.


Water Once Every Few Weeks

When you plant your seeds, cover them with about ½ inch of soil, but don’t bury them any deeper than that. You’ll want to water it just a little every few weeks. Agave plants and most all cacti plants do not like water in abundance. Use about ½ cup water at a time, and no more.


Leave It in Sunlight

While agave can tolerate most any kind of weather, it prefers a sunnier spot in your home, not a dark and drab one. Be sure to place it in an area that gets morning sunlight. The kitchen and sunroom are often popular areas for people to place plants as they start to grow.


Let It do It’s Thing

As your agave plant starts to grow, be sure to just leave it alone. Resist the urge to pick and prune, and don’t overwater. If it starts to outgrow the pot, it’s time to transfer it to a new one.


Transfer to a Large Pot

When you transfer the plant to a large pot, be sure to use all the soil in the smaller pot, and plant that inside a larger pot that you’ve already placed soil and fertilizer in, if using. Pack the soil down well so the plant is well-supported, and then just put it back where it goes in your home, and let it do its thing.


Don’t Water in Winter

In the winter, avoid watering your plant, possibly at all, for at least a couple months. I know that seems crazy, but cacti are very unique plants. Remember, they thrive in the desert and do fine without water there at all. This makes them the perfect plant for anyone who hates to water plants!


Water It the Right Way

When you do water the agave plant, don’t water directly onto the actual plant, but at the root, under the leaves only. After that, just enjoy its growing process, and of course, the sweetness from the nectar inside the leaves.

You can cut blue agave plants open at the leaves just like aloe plants. Let me know if you have an agave plant and how you take care of it! I’m sure you have some fabulous tips I didn’t mention here! Have you ever grown blue agave? Do you eat blue agave?

Source: proplants.com

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