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7 Creative Ways to Reuse Containers for Plants and Herbs ...

By Heather

When gardening season rolls around, I love to find ways to reuse containers I already have, instead of buying more. Not only are seeds and plants an initial investment, but the containers are a whole other story. Luckily, most all of us can find ways to reuse containers for plants and herbs with a little creativity. Here are a few of my favorite ideas, but let me know if you have any too!

1 Yogurt Containers

Yogurt Containers You can easily use yogurt containers as one of the best ways to reuse containers for plants and herbs. All you need to do is simply punch a few holes in the bottom of any size container, and put in some soil, along with your seeds. This makes a great way to start off seedlings in your kitchen window before you’re reading to plant them in a bigger pot. Leave them here until they reach about 2 inches in height, then transfer to a bigger pot. Use the top of the yogurt container flipped upside down to place under the container for collecting water from drainage.

2 Tea Cups

Tea Cups I love to use tea cups and mugs to plant herbs in as well. You can also use them as temporary vases, which is another one of my favorite ways to use them. They make really cute gifts as well. Find larger tea mugs for this purpose if you can.

3 Paper Cups

Paper Cups I’m sure you’ve all seen the solo paper cups that are often used for planting seedlings in. This is an inexpensive way to start your plants off before they reach mature height. It’s also an easy container to reuse over and over. Just be sure to punch small holes in the bottom so the water can drain. Place a container under this to collect the water. Some people don’t apply drainage holes to start off seedlings, which is fine. It just depends on what type of plant you’re putting in the cup.

4 Mason Jars

Mason Jars Mason jars, or Ball jars, are also a fantastic homemade vase, or even a homemade pot. Since it doesn’t have drainage, not everything can be planted in this, but temporarily it will work in a pinch. I also love placing fresh picked flowers in Mason jars for display in the kitchen window.

5 Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box You can take any wooden or metal jewelry box and turn it into a window box for plants and herbs. Simply drill a few small holes in the bottom, very tiny in size, and put the soil on top. Put some type of lining under the box for drainage, or water it outside or in the sink, let it drain, and then put it back in its place. This makes such a pretty display, and a unique one at that!

6 Baskets

Baskets Wooden and wicker baskets are some of my favorite things to plant herbs and flowers in as a gift for someone. Though they don’t have drainage, the recipient can easily transfer them however he or she likes, and will have a basket to use for something else.

7 Wine Glass

Wine Glass Wine glasses are something trendy I started using as a pretty, dainty flower presentation for showers and for female gifts. Fill a wine glass with water, about ¾ full, and and place about 6 roses inside, clipped short enough to stand about 1 inch above the glass in height. It is one of the simplest, prettiest little decorations, and makes quite the conversation piece!

Look around your home, and I bet you’ll find all kinds of containers to reuse for plants and herbs. I’ve even seen people use coffee pots and tea kettles, which are so cute! Do you have a way you reuse containers for plants and herbs?

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