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7 Perfect Plants for a Water Garden ...

By Holly

There are so many fabulous types of plants for a water garden, and each and every one will make your backyard absolutely shine. Whether your water garden is in a small pot on your patio or spreads throughout a large pond, these plants will add so much character and beauty to your space. Plants for a water garden are simple to look after and absolutely beautiful, so keep an eye out for these at your local garden centre!

1 Papyrus

PapyrusKicking off the list of wonderful plants for a water garden is papyrus - the plant that the Ancient Egyptians used to make paper out of. Papyrus has a really tropical look with its long stems and brush-like tips, creating a beautiful texture within any water garden. It can grow up to 6 feet tall, so make sure you have plenty of upwards space!

2 Lotus

LotusClassic and oh-so-beautiful, having lotus plants in your water garden will add some instant class. Lotus plants are often used in Japanese gardens and koi fish love them. Depending on the type of lotus you get, they can grow up to 6 feet tall, with blue-green leaves and a range of amazing-coloured blossoms.


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3 Equisetum

EquisetumAlso known as horsetail, puzzle grass or snake grass, equisetum has a crazy, bamboo-like look to it. It will work as a fabulous filler to any water garden, and looks especially good in large clumps. Some people go so far as to eat it and make tea out of the stems, and it can also be used as a dye.

4 Azolla

AzollaAzolla is a beautiful, tiny, fern-like water plant that is also known as mosquito fern or fairy moss. It spreads rapidly across the surface of the water forming a gorgeous cover resembling moss, which looks wonderful with other plants emerging from it. It is often used in rice fields due to its light-blocking abilities and its ability to fix nitrogen levels.

5 Taro

TaroYou might have also heard Taro referred to as Elephant’s Ears - its deep red-purple colour really looks striking against any watery environment. Taro is also perfect when kept in an indoors water garden and adds the perfect amount of drama to any room! Just keep in mind that it likes decent amounts of shade, so try planting it in the shade of other plants in your garden.

6 Canna

CannaCannas are plants that are often overlooked for water gardens, however their amazing colour and simplicity make them absolutely perfect for anyone. They can grow up to 6 feet high, depending on which type of Canna you get, and they will add a lovely brown, orange, red and green tinge to your space. Beautiful!

7 Pitcher Plant

Pitcher PlantIf you like carnivorous plants, then you definitely have to add the Pitcher Plant to your water garden! Its tube-like leaves and stems trap insects within them, where they then break them down and consume them. In the spring, Pitcher Plants develop beautiful red, purple and yellow flowers, which will look super gorgeous!

When creating your own water garden, do make sure that you check your local quarantine restrictions, as often water plants are strictly regulated. With some quick research, however, you could create a completely stunning water garden that will be the envy of everyone you know! Do you have a water garden? What’s your favourite plant in it?

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