48 Fantastic Fairy Gardens for Your Yard ...

By Eliza

48 Fantastic Fairy Gardens for Your Yard ...

Fairy gardens are all the rage right now and for good reason. They are a super cute little addition to your yard that won't take up much space, but that are really fun to put together. Like many things, the options are overwhelmingly huge in number, so seeing some up close can inspire you to get started. Here are some fabulous fairy gardens sure to get you going.

Table of contents:

  1. tiny steps
  2. point the way
  3. marbles
  4. succulent fairy garden
  5. recycle a broken pot
  6. miniatures
  7. buy some moss
  8. layer it up
  9. hit the craft store
  10. gazing ball
  11. twig garden gate
  12. fairy garden clothesline
  13. fairy lights
  14. fountain
  15. buildings
  16. add some color
  17. against the porch
  18. use a birdbath
  19. go all out
  20. beachy
  21. welcome
  22. totally girly
  23. miniature camper
  24. teapot
  25. don't forget the fairy
  26. trellis
  27. wall it off
  28. totally unique
  29. porcelain
  30. it's huge
  31. flowers and plants
  32. a table
  33. terrarium
  34. go wood hunting
  35. make use of stones
  36. tiny banner
  37. accessories
  38. signs
  39. nest
  40. itty bitty garden
  41. check out garden stores
  42. mix and match
  43. fit for a king
  44. houses
  45. stepping stones
  46. make a whole town
  47. mushroom stools
  48. arch

1 Tiny Steps

Tiny Steps Via Fairy garden for me...cause I'm ...
Many people put fairy gardens at the base of a tree trunk and some tiny rocks are great for leading up to the door.

2 Point the Way

Point the Way Via fairy garden signpost, painted signs ...
Paint some rocks to lead the way to your fairy garden.

3 Marbles

Marbles Via Juise: Fairy Garden: Expand and ...
Use bright blue marbles to look like water with a tiny bridge over the top.

4 Succulent Fairy Garden

Succulent Fairy Garden Via Backyard bliss
If you don't have garden space, build your fairy garden in a large flower pot with some succulent plants.

5 Recycle a Broken Pot

Recycle a Broken Pot Via Fairy Garden - Broken Pot ...
Oops! You broke a favorite flower pot. Reuse it as the basin for your fairy garden so you can keep it around.

6 Miniatures

Miniatures Source: exclusivelyforyou.co.uk
Gather some stuff lying around the house to make the small components of your fairy garden.

7 Buy Some Moss

Buy Some Moss Via Living in Sunshine
Moss is fairly easy to take care of so it makes a great ground cover for your fairy garden.

8 Layer It up

Layer It up Via Fairy Gardens & Houses
Several pots of different sizes let you create a fairy garden with several levels.

9 Hit the Craft Store

Hit the Craft Store Via Fairy Garden Feature :: 2013 ...
You can find virtually anything you need for your fairy garden at your local craft store.

10 Gazing Ball

Gazing Ball Via Home Sweet Garden Home - ...
A marble and a golf tee come together to make a tiny little fairy gazing ball.

11 Twig Garden Gate

Twig Garden Gate Via Woodland Twig Garden Fence - ...
Some hot glue and twigs from your backyard are all you need to make a fairy gate.

12 Fairy Garden Clothesline

Fairy Garden Clothesline Via Fairy Garden accessories Clothesline miniature ...
Tulle makes great fairy skirts, which look super cute hanging in your fairy garden.

13 Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights Via A Cuppa Tea With Me: ...
Light up your fairy garden with s strand of tiny lights.

14 Fountain

Fountain Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Shells are the perfect thing for adding a water feature to your fairy garden, even if it is a faux one.

15 Buildings

Buildings Via Fairy garden
The popularity of fairy gardens makes it pretty easy to find these prebuilt cottages you can add to yours.

16 Add Some Color

Add Some Color Via 35 Kήποι ΜΙΝΙΑΤΟΥΡΕΣ | ΣΟΥΛΟΥΠΩΣΕ ...
Colored rocks, marbles or glass are ideal for adding color to your fairy garden.

17 Against the Porch

Against the Porch Via Magic Mushroomville
The corner near your porch is the perfect place to build a fairy garden.

18 Use a Birdbath

Use a Birdbath Via 11 Inspiring Fairy Gardens | ...
A stone birdbath is the perfect receptacle for a tiny fairy garden.

19 Go All out

Go All out Via DSCI0979
If you really get into building your fairy garden, you could end up with this in your yard.

20 Beachy

Beachy Via Fairy Gardens
This cute fairy garden reminds me of a day at the sea.

21 Welcome

Welcome Via Fairy Garden Gate Fairy garden ...
No fairy garden is complete without a welcome sign.

22 Totally Girly

Totally Girly Via Pink and Green Mama: * ...
The pink and purple colors are awesome for a container fairy garden.

23 Miniature Camper

Miniature Camper Via Airstream Trailer Miniature Succulent Garden ...
Look for dollhouse furniture as an easy way to add flair to your garden.

24 Teapot

Teapot Source: whimsicalhomeandgarden.com
This tiny teapot probably came from a child's tea set and is fun way to use a toy that isn't played with anymore.

25 Don't Forget the Fairy

Don't Forget the Fairy Via Life's Journey: December 2009
Top off your fairy garden with an actual fairy statue.

26 Trellis

Trellis Via Mini Real Twig Fairy Garden ...
Make a tiny trellis with twigs and silk leaves.

27 Wall It off

Wall It off Via Magical Fairy Gardens
Building a tiny stone wall won't take much time and looks great surrounding your fairy house.

28 Totally Unique

Totally Unique Source: Planter Gallery - Miniature Gardening
This twig sphere is a fun and different way to display your fairy garden.

29 Porcelain

Porcelain Via 5 DIY Mother's Day Gifts ...
This fairy garden is unique because it incorporates porcelain decorations.

30 It's Huge

It's Huge Via Fairy Garden
A hollowed out stump or empty barrel gives you plenty of space to sprawl out.

31 Flowers and Plants

Flowers and Plants Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Plant a couple of plants or flowers near your garden to make it really stand out.

32 A Table

A Table Via scarlet star studios: making fairy ...
A tiny table with tiny dishes is so cute for a fairy garden.

33 Terrarium

Terrarium Via Community Post: 15 Enchanting Fairy ...
If all else fails, use a tiny jar for an indoor fairy garden.

34 Go Wood Hunting

Go Wood Hunting Via Fairy Garden
Gather unique pieces of wood from your walks in the park and incorporate them into your fairy garden.

35 Make Use of Stones

Stacked rocks easily become stairs or walls in your fairy garden.

36 Tiny Banner

Tiny Banner Via fairy garden at dusk
Use string and scrapbook paper to make a fun banner for your garden.

37 Accessories

Accessories Via Fairy Garden Acorn Cap Lantern ...
Look for items meant for another purpose to dream up all the details in your fairy garden.

38 Signs

Signs Via fairy garden signpost, blank signs, ...
Tiny pieces of wood are ideal for little fairy garden signs.

39 Nest

Nest Via Miniature fairy garden acorn bird's ...
A bit of wire and some scrap materials become a tiny bird's nest.

40 Itty Bitty Garden

Itty Bitty Garden Via Wonderland Centerpiece - Mossy Fairy ...
This tiny teacup becomes the perfect place for the tiniest of fairy gardens.

41 Check out Garden Stores

Check out Garden Stores Via Fairy House
Specialty garden stores are a great place to look for stuff created especially for fairy gardens.

42 Mix and Match

Mix and Match Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Natural and premade items combine to create this fantastic fairy garden.

43 Fit for a King

Fit for a King Via The Fairy's Garden Miniature Fairy ...
This large fairy garden is composed of premade materials, but it's so fun to look at.

44 Houses

Houses Via Items similar to Fairy house ...
Don't forget to add some tiny houses for your fairies to live in.

45 Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Buttons make the most adorable little garden stepping stones.

46 Make a Whole Town

Make a Whole Town Via Magical Fairy Gardens
Invite the whole fairy family with this tiny village.

47 Mushroom Stools

Mushroom Stools Via Fairy Garden Table and Chairs ...
Chunks of tree branches and painted rocks are all you need for these cute mushrooms.

48 Arch

Arch Via Favorite pins this week
This cute little arch is the cutest entrance to your garden.

Are you totally inspired to make your own fairy garden?I'm headed out to stock up on tiny stuff for mine.

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