Awesome Inspo to Make Your Yard More Inviting ...

By Larisa

Awesome Inspo to Make Your Yard More Inviting  ...

Are you looking for some ways to make your yard more inviting? Creating an outdoor space that says “Hey come out and hang with me, I can be fun too” only takes a short afternoon. You'll love the results when you use these ways to make your yard more inviting.

1 Mow the Lawn

A nice trim green lawn is one of the best ways to make your yard more inviting. The first thing you should do is hire someone to mow your lawn. Don’t ignore it, it’s tacky and rude to your neighbors. It’s relatively cheap to pay for it to be done. You save on having to buy a lawn mower, fuel, and the cost of your body. If you're under the age of 30, go right ahead and mow baby!

2 Do a Small 15 Minute Project

Start with a small project, something that you can finish and clean up in 15 minutes. Get a pot and plant a flowering perennial. I personally like tiger lilies and pansies. Perennials will come up every year so you are already gearing up for next spring.

3 Plant a Tomato

Think about getting a tomato plant. It’s fun to watch grow and it gives many rewards of tomatoes throughout the summer. I’m trying something new this year. Instead of the usual ground planting (which if done right produces a lot of tomatoes), I bought a hanging pot. I got tired of the constant weeding in the garden patch. So here’s my plan, no wires, no trellises, just gravity to pull the branches down the sides. If it works it will hang on my back deck creating a cooler area next to the house.

4 Plan for Some Seating

Next, you should have some kind of seating with a table of sorts.

5 Get a Sun Shade

Then, of course, the must-have colorful umbrella for those unbearably hot days. It is the focal point of the deck so get a color that is pleasant to the eye. Suggestions are tan, white, black, beige, desert orange. Do not get a trendy color configuration that won’t last more than one season. Next year it might look ugly to you and then you have to get another one.

6 Buy an Indoor/outdoor Rug

It looks great and it keeps a crawling babies knees from getting un-baby like qualities (rough and hard.) Turns out, it feels great to walk barefoot on and it keeps the hotter than hell deck from burning the feet.

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