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62 Absolutely Fantastic Birdhouses to Make Your Garden a Bird's Haven ...

By Eliza

I have really gotten into attracting birds to my yard this summer, which means having plenty of fantastic birdhouses to lure them in. Of course, you'll need some bird feeders too if you're looking to get the birds into your yard too. The fun thing about birdhouses is that you can pretty make one out of whatever you want as long as there is a perch. Check out these fantastic birdhouses and get ready to be inspired.

1 Leftover Corks

Leftover CorksVia Birdhouses
Could there be many more fantastic birdhouses than this one? And what better way to use up your wine corks?

2 Recycled Materials

Recycled MaterialsVia Rustic Birdhouse - Spoon Birdhouse ...
This bent spoon makes a great perch and the license plate is the best looking roof around.


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3 Stone Glamour

Stone GlamourVia Outdoor hanging Birdhouse with Wine ...
You can easily grout some stones to the outside of a birdhouse to make it look colorful and fancy.

4 Picture Frames

Picture FramesVia Burlap Luxe: Birdhouse That Captures ...
What a great way to use some broken picture frames! Paint them and use as the roof.

5 Big Barn

Big BarnVia Old Farm Shed
The birds in your yard are going to love this barn style home.

6 Birdhouse Planters

Birdhouse PlantersVia Rebecca's Bird Gardens: Products and ...
Add a tiny planter to your birdhouse so you can give your birds their own tiny garden.

7 Old Pots

Old PotsVia
A couple old pots with holes drilled in them makes for a double leveled dream home.

8 Pop of Red

Pop of RedVia Large Victorian Birdhouse
This great red roof adds color and fun to your garden.

Glenn Does it have a clean holes?...

9 Birdhouse Village

Birdhouse VillageVia B E A U T ...
Arrange an entire village of birdhouses over the entrance to your garden.

10 Floral Dream

Floral DreamVia
The beautiful floral painting on this birdhouse is sure to attract feathery friends.

11 Rustic Birdhouse

Rustic BirdhouseVia Birdhouse Village
This unfinished wood birdhouse looks great in the barrel with the plants.

12 Standing Tall

Standing TallVia Dodo's Birdhouses in Tuscarora, Maryland
Isn't it cool how these birdhouses are attached to the handles of shovels and stuck in the ground?

13 Bright and Colorful

Bright and ColorfulVia
This garden of brightly painted birdhouses is perfect for a flower garden.

14 Teapot Birdhouse

Teapot BirdhouseVia Rustic weathered teapot birdhouse
The teapot is the perfect perch and the teapot lid is great for some food.

15 Replica House

Replica HouseVia Three ideas for Decorating Your ...
Wouldn't it be fun to a birdhouse in your yard that is a replica of your own home?

16 On Posts

On PostsVia
I love the presentation of these birdhouses high above the ground.

phyllis Thank you , i love painting and i love birds and n...

17 Junk Inspired

Junk InspiredVia Coffee can birdhouse, whimsical birdhouse, ...
Like I said above, you can make a birdhouse out of virtually anything you can find.

18 Cover the Fence

Cover the FenceVia
In small spaces, you can hang a bunch of small birdhouses.

19 Birdhouse Fence

Birdhouse FenceVia My Cottage
Technically not a birdhouse, but still fantastically awesome.

20 So Much Color

So Much ColorVia Birdhouse Village
They look like they are on painted bedposts. No matter what they are made out of, these birdhouses are super cute.

21 Birdhouse and Signs

Birdhouse and SignsVia
Point the way around your yard with this fun directional birdhouse.

22 Found Items

Found ItemsVia Wooded Birdhouse Rusty Hinge Upcycled ...
I love how a bunch of random bits and pieces come together to make this birdhouse.

23 Pale Color

Pale ColorVia homework: creative inspiration for home ...
I love the light blue as a backdrop for the white teapot.

24 Leftovers

LeftoversVia Outdoor ideas
Next time you switch out your knobs, keep them for a great project like this one.

25 Gourd Birdhouse

Gourd BirdhouseVia Sunflower Gourd Birdhouse 3/3
The flower makes it really cute, but even plain, a gourd makes a great birdhouse.

26 Pink and Rusty Birdhouse

Pink and Rusty BirdhouseVia Rose Petals and Rust: rust ...
The pink color and the doorknob are both so unexpected when it comes to a birdhouse.

27 Horseshoe for Luck

Horseshoe for LuckVia Birdhouses
Give your birds a dose of good luck with a horseshoe on the birdhouse.

28 Mossy Roof

Mossy RoofVia Birdhouses
Plaster some moss to the roof of a birdhouse for a natural look.

29 Wood Accents

Wood AccentsVia Rustic Birdhouses, Colorful, Bird Box, ...
These little pieces of wood add just the right bit of personality to this birdhouse.

30 A Little Bit Country

A Little Bit CountryVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This country feeling birdhouse would be perfect in anyone's backyard.

31 Tiny Trellis

Tiny TrellisVia Bird Houses
I love how cute this tiny little trellis is!

32 So Fancy

So FancyVia Birdhouse Revisited
It's not very big, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in style.

33 Re-creation

Re-creationVia Home Bazaar Hobbit House Green, ...
Recreate your dream home in the form of a birdhouse.

34 Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed WoodVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
Reclaimed wood is one of the best things for making a birdhouse.

35 Tiny Star

Tiny StarVia Treasured Shabby Chic Birdhouse, White ...
This all white birdhouse looks really cute with the tiny rusted star on the outside.

36 Mosaic

MosaicVia Anne Fannie's Green Acres: Vintage ...
This adorable mosaic birdhouse is so cute with the flowers surrounding it.

37 Ladder Display

Ladder DisplayVia
A ladder is a great way to display your birdhouses.

38 Tiny Hanging Birdhouses

Tiny Hanging BirdhousesVia Cottage Birdhouses, Set of 3
These tiny birdhouses are more for decoration than function, but they sure are cute.

39 Flowerpot

FlowerpotVia Scrap Metal Birdhouses - Lost ...
What a great way to use a teapot!

Pam fun recycle! What are you up to this morn?...

40 Mural

MuralVia Items similar to Mini Painted ...
The mural on this birdhouse really brings it to life.

41 Hand Painted

Hand PaintedVia Hand Painted Birdhouse
Buy a plain wooden birdhouse and customize it with paint.

42 Holiday Inspired

Holiday InspiredVia Cookie Tin Birdhouse, Whimsical Birdhouse, ...
This birdhouse reminds me of something to decorate at Christmas time with.

43 Faucet Handle

Faucet HandleVia
The faucet handle is so perfect for a bird to perch on.

44 Spread out

Spread outVia Wooden Birdhouses: Think Of 'Em ...
Give your birds room to spread out with this large birdhouse with several openings.

45 Cork Shingles

Cork ShinglesVia Birdhouse "Triple"
A thinly sliced cork makes perfect shingles for your birdhouse.

46 Chicken House

Chicken HouseVia Hand Painted Birdhouse With Chickens
A tiny chicken coop is a fun riff on the traditional birdhouse.

47 Decorative Birdhouse

Decorative BirdhouseVia Decorative Functional Birdhouse Yard Art ...
Leftover craft supplies are perfect for decorating your birdhouse.

48 Gnome Wonder

Gnome WonderVia
This birdhouse likes a little home for a garden gnome.

49 Woods Flair

Woods FlairVia Oh, to Live in a ...
This looks like a house that belongs in the woods.

50 Blank Slate

Blank SlateVia
This birdhouse is just waiting for you to add the finishing touches.

51 Hidden Gem

Hidden GemVia Kaseys Korner: gardening
This birdhouse might be hiding in the flowers, but you can't miss how wonderful it looks.

52 Birdhouse Collection

Birdhouse CollectionVia Repurpose & Recycle :: Barb7802's ...
This collection of birdhouses looks perfect against the greenery in this yard.

53 Tin Roof

Tin RoofVia Birdhouses
The tin that makes up the tops of these birdhouses is beautiful!

54 Log Bird Houses

Log Bird HousesVia to do list
Next time you trim your trees, use the chunks to make this cute birdhouse.

55 Flea Style Birdhouse

Flea Style BirdhouseVia
This tiny birdhouse is just so fun to look at.

56 On a Stand

On a StandVia
This cute birdhouse really stands out resting on the stand.

Mary very cute...

57 Over the Top

Over the TopVia These creative, whimsical birdhouses will ...
The birds that get to hang in this birdhouse are so lucky!

58 All Stone

All StoneVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
If you're handy at building things, you can easily construct this little wonder.

59 Top and Bottom

Top and BottomVia Birdhouses
Some on top and some on bottom and this arrangement just comes together.

60 Trio of Houses

Trio of HousesVia Eclectic Garden Tour - Our ...
This trio of ladders is perfect for a large collection of birdhouses.

61 Rustic Orange

Rustic OrangeVia Rustic Orange Birdhouse Recycled Vintage ...
You don't see orange birdhouses very often, but I love the color. What do you think?

62 2 X 4 Birdhouses

2 X 4 BirdhousesVia Birdhouses
Cut the ends of a few 2 x 4 pieces of wood and turn them into tiny birdhouses.

Do you love birdhouses as much as I do? Which one do you want for your garden?

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