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43 Outstanding Succulent Gardens You Can Create at Home ...

By Eliza

Succulent gardens are a great way to add personality to your space. They are fairly simple to care for and with so many choices, you can mix and match them to your heart's content. Depending on where you live, you can grow succulents indoors or outdoors with ease. Check your zone and match it to your choices to be sure. These succulent gardens will definitely inspire you.

1 Small and Bright

plant,land plant,flowering plant,cactus,flower,Via EASY DIY HOT PINK CLAY ...
This is one of the smaller succulent gardens I've seen, but the hot pink pot more than makes up for it.

2 Patio Pot

green,plant,cactus,flower,land plant,Via
Put together an arrangement like this and welcome guests to your home by placing it on your patio.

3 Draping Greenery

flower,flower arranging,plant,floristry,land plant,Via A Passion For Succulents
The draping succulents really give this arrangement drama and flair.

4 Matched Pot

plant,flower arranging,flower,flora,floristry,Via Succulent Garden Ideas | Shelterness
I love how the green in the pot coordinates with the green of the succulents.

5 Mix and Match

plant,produce,land plant,food,houseplant,Via
Like I said, you can easily mix and match a variety of succulents for texture and visual appeal.

6 Hens and Chicks

plant,flora,botany,flower,land plant,Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
Those round ones in the front are hens and chicks are a succulent that is virtually effortless to care for.

7 Indoor Arrangement

flower arranging,plant,flower,floristry,cactus,Via
This little garden adds lots of color to a kitchen countertop.

8 Pops of Color

flower arranging,flower,floristry,flora,plant,Via Gardening, Patio & Porch
The brightly colored succulents in this arrangement adds plenty of fun color to it.

Nora Beautiful ...

9 Succulents in a Cup

flower,flower arranging,plant,flora,floristry,Via mom gets married! - flowers
What a unique way to grow succulents in your garden.

10 Tiny Pots

green,plant,land plant,lighting,flowering plant,Via light + ladder. / sfgirlbybay
Pair several of these small pots and then rearrange them anytime you want to.

11 Tall and Short

green,plant,cactus,botany,land plant,Via house
Mixing tall and short succulents makes it easy to see all of your choices next to each other.

12 Go Big!

plant,flower,flower arranging,flora,floristry,Via The Succulent Garden nursery :: ...
There's nothing wrong with using some huge succulents to center your arrangement.

13 In Cans

food,flower,ATO,ELPAE,ELPATO,Via Your Guide to Hosting a ...
Use up some old tin cans as planters for your succulents.

14 Vases

plant,tree,flower arranging,flower,land plant,Via Lovely Morning: our wedding: DIY ...
If you have a bunch of vases sitting around, why not use them to make homes for succulent plants?

15 Wooden Box

flower arranging,flower,floristry,plant,flower bouquet,Via Tips for Arranging Succulents
This is really cute and totally unexpected.

16 Terrariums

plant,fountain,cactus,water feature,land plant,Via bevara terrariums
Terrariums are a great way to grow and display your favorite succulent gardens.

17 In the Garden

plant,cactus,hedgehog cactus,land plant,flowering plant,Via Cacti garden
Scatter some large pots of succulents in your garden for some extra visual appeal.

18 In the House

plant,land plant,flower,flower arranging,flowering plant,Via Succulents
Try some potted succulents in lieu of traditional houseplants if you have trouble keeping them alive.

19 Tall Container

flower arranging,green,floristry,flower,plant,Via mixedsucculent4
You might be surprised to see that you can grow succulents even in something so narrow at the top.

20 Big Planter

plant,flower,flora,botany,land plant,Via Rolling Greens Nursery
I can't think of a more perfect way to fill a large planter in your yard.

21 Stuff It Full

flower arranging,plant,floristry,flower,floral design,Via Timeline Photos - Succulent Creations ...
I love this arrangement because it has so many great things going on in one pot.

22 Lots of Impact

flower arranging,green,flower,floristry,plant,Via Simply Succulent
This arrangement might be small, but it still has a lot of impact.

23 Outdoor Decor

flora,plant,flower arranging,tree,flower,Via The Succulent Perch Designing With ...
I like the shape and color of the container. It looks perfect on the wooden table.

24 Long and Low

flower arranging,floristry,plant,floral design,art,Via Modern Succulent Arrangement
It's awesome how much is growing in such in a small container.

25 Traditional

plant,cactus,flora,botany,hedgehog cactus,Via 多肉植物/サボテン専門ストア solxsol
This arrangement and pot are pretty traditional when it comes to arranging succulents.

26 Unique Glass Container

flower arranging,floristry,flower,plant,floral design,Via La Petite Gigi
If you have a container you can't think of a use for, now you have one!

27 Tiered Arrangement

floristry,plant,flower arranging,flower,garden,Via I'm all about Succulents
I would love to create this exact look in a corner of my own backyard.

28 Driftwood

plant,garden,floristry,yard,backyard,Via Succulent Cafe in Oceanside California ...

Pieces of driftwood pair perfectly with succulents, don't you think?

29 Bright Container

flower arranging,yellow,floristry,flower,flower bouquet,Via Simply Succulent
Add personality to your arrangement by placing it in a brightly colored container.

30 In the Ground

plant,botany,garden,land plant,flower,Via Xeriscape
If you live in the right climate, you can create a succulent garden right in the ground.

31 Watering Cans

red,flower arranging,plant,flower,floristry,Via Items similar to Succulent arrangement ...
These little watering cans are the perfect containers for small succulents.

32 Bright Blue

flower arranging,floristry,flower,floral design,garden,Via Succulents and cactus !
The bright blue pairs perfectly with these succulents.

33 Ground Cover

flower arranging,floristry,plant,flower,floral design,Via Simply Succulent- LA & OC
The low succulents in this garden are perfect for covering the dirt in your pot.

34 Coffee Cup

flower arranging,flower,plant,floristry,flower bouquet,Via RESERVED for tiny-Succulent arrangement in ...
This would be such a great gift!

35 Hanging Succulents

flower arranging,floristry,flower,floral design,christmas decoration,Via Tips on Succulents | Cupcakes ...
If you're low on space, consider hanging your succulents so you can still enjoy them.

36 Scalloped Border

flower arranging,flower,green,plant,floristry,Via
The shape of this container is perfect for creating a fancy succulent garden.

37 Old Materials

art,wood,water feature,flower,houseplant,Via beedama style
Recycle unused things you have laying around at home and turn them into small succulent gardens.

38 Match

flower arranging,flower,flora,plant,floristry,Via Terrariums
Most succulents go well together, but you can try different arrangements to find what you like best.

39 Single Type

plant,tree,flower arranging,flora,flower,Via succulents
I love the impact that choosing only one succulent has. What do you think?

40 Group Them

plant,flower arranging,flower,floristry,floral design,Via garden
A group of potted succulents easily dresses up your outdoor space.

41 Growing

flower arranging,floristry,flower,flora,plant,Via Simply Succulent Plant Designs- Los ...
I love how this succulent garden is allowed to do what it wants to. It looks great!

42 Make a Statment

flower arranging,floristry,plant,flower,floral design,Via
The variety of succulents in this garden is stunning.

43 One More Pot

flower arranging,plant,flower,flora,floristry,Via Father's Day Flowers - Citrus ...
This would look fantastic on a bathroom counter or beside table.

Do you grow succulents? What's your favorite way to arrange them?

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