21 Easy Container Gardens Perfect for Small Spaces ...

By Eliza

21 Easy Container Gardens Perfect for Small Spaces ...

Even if you live in a small house or don't have much of a yard, you can easily grow plants, flowers or vegetables. All you need are some containers that fit in your space, dirt and seeds. Skeptical? Don't be! You don't need to worry about your tiny patio or your lone little windowsill. Here's all the inspiration you need to get your container garden going this year.

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1 Different Sizes

Different Sizes Source: Edible Container Garden
No, you don't need a yard for this. You can modify the idea with just one or a couple of containers as your space allows.

2 Grow up

Grow up Source: simplyfrugal.ca
Instead of growing your plants outward, use a trellis so they grow up. This can save you a ton of space!

3 Stack Them up

Stack Them up Source: Top 10 Patio Ideas –
Whether you're planting flowers or vegetables, you can stack the plants using wall hooks so you can grow more in a tighter space.

4 Raised Container

Raised Container Source: Dishfunctional Designs: New Uses For
You might also consider using raised planters above small growing spaces so you can pack more plants into your garden.

5 Cabinet Growing

Cabinet Growing Source: furniture & paint :: Nancy's
Isn't this a genius idea? Any old piece of furniture would work. A fresh coat of bright paint makes it even better.

6 Plant in Rows

Plant in Rows Source: Container Gardening - Living
No matter how large the container, planting your herbs or veggies in neat rows allows you to maximize the space.

7 Mix It up

Mix It up Source: Container Vegetable Gardening
Create visual appeal in larger spaces by mixing and matching a bunch of different containers.

8 Raspberries

Raspberries Source: Grow attractive fruit bushes &
This pot of raspberries would be great for decorating a patio and perfect when you crave a pie.

9 Patio Tomatoes

Patio Tomatoes Source: Container Gardening-15 best vegetables that
There's nothing like the taste of a freshly picked tomato, right? Your container garden is the perfect place to grow them.

10 Grow Leeks and Onions in a Jar

Grow Leeks and Onions in a Jar Source: Growing Green Onions in water
Here's an idea you can use even if you have zero outdoor space for growing veggies. These do great on a windowsill.

11 Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening Source: Raised Bed Gardening Guide
The great thing about container gardening is that you can reconfigure your space anytime the mood suits you.

12 Flower Pots

Flower Pots Source: 5 Best Container Vegetables for
This just proves that even a small pot can yield a lot of food.

13 Reuse Yard Stuff

Reuse Yard Stuff Source: Raised Bed Garden Designs
I bet you have some leftover materials laying around that you can repurpose into a great container garden.

14 Grow Potatoes in a Container

Grow Potatoes in a Container Source: Grow potatoes in a container
You'll never have to buy potatoes ever again!

15 Rubber Tub

Rubber Tub Source: 20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips
A rubber storage tub with holes for water drainage - great idea! Choose fun colors to bring life and personality to your yard.

16 Homemade Containers

Homemade Containers Source: My Vegetable Garden | HautePnk
My husband and I just built these exact containers for your garden. It was super easy and prevents the dogs and kids from tramping through your plants.

17 Sweet Basil Plants

Sweet Basil Plants Source: 7 tips for growing mad
The great thing about growing herbs in pots is that they look beautiful on your patio.

18 Let It Overflow

Let It Overflow Source: growing cucumbers
As long as they are safe, you can let your containers spill over the edges.

19 Plants in Concrete Blocks

Plants in Concrete Blocks Source: Creative Gardening - Plant Strawberry
Your garden easily becomes part of the landscape with this idea.

20 In the Corner

In the Corner Source: container gardening ideas :: 360
An unused corner of your yard is the ideal place to set up your container garden.

21 Trellis Vertical Container

Trellis Vertical Container Source: Trellis Vertical Container Garden
You don't need a ton of space for this setup, but you can get a whole lot of plants in one place.

Do you garden? How to do you use the space you have?

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Alot of great ideas, thanks, we are renting so theres a lot of possibilities in here

Love these ideas.

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