Plants That Create a Microclimate for Better Health in Your Home ...

By Allison

Plants That Create a Microclimate for Better Health  in Your Home ...

Plants have incredible abilities to improve micro-climates in your home. Plants not only create a clean atmosphere, they also stabilize the humidity and provide oxygen. They're great for people who suffer from allergies, too. Here are the best plants to have in your home for better health.

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flower, plant, flora, flower arranging, lily, This type of plant is believed to bring happiness and love to your home, which would explain why it's called "women's happiness." This plant sucks excess moisture from the air, which stabilizes the climate and destroys mold. Keep your home around 72 to 74 degrees to be the most healthy.



plant, flower, land plant, produce, flowering plant, It's obvious by the name that this plant provides coffee. The Arabica and Robusta coffee shrub bear fruit in their fifth or sixth year. Buy this plant fully grown and provide plenty of water and shade. It'll absorb excess moisture and leave the air smelling tropical when flowering.



tree, plant, bonsai, houseplant, land plant, The myrtus plant symbolizes peace and pleasure and keeps the old youthful. It does so by destroying the microbes in the air given off from their leaves and flowers.


Laurus Nobilis

plant, flower, tree, land plant, produce, Dinosaurs loved laurus plants back in the day. Humans can also eat these plants, too. This plant is native to the tropics, so moisture, shade, and warm water is needed for this plant to thrive. It sucks in moisture and creates a normal microclimate in your home.


Citrus Limon

food, plant, citrus, produce, fruit, What's more delicious than a citrus scent? An added bonus--this plant takes away extra moisture and provides curative substances that sterilize the air. Make sure this plant has plenty of sunlight, water, and dry soil.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer


tree, plant, botany, land plant, woody plant, This tree in Japanese culture is considered sacred and is believed that the souls of those who have passed reside inside them. This refreshing evergreen that needs lots of shade and regular watering livens up your home by providing moisture and gets rid of dirt in the air. If you have migraines or headaches, this will ease your symptoms.



plant, lighting, floristry, vase, interior design, Freshen the air, add huge amounts of clean oxygen, and neutralize harmful fumes with this plant. Its easy to care for and doesn't require much water. It loves the corners of your rooms and will retain moisture in its leaves.



plant, tree, land plant, produce, houseplant, You've probably seen this plant before because it's definitely the most popular house plant around. It might be because it looks great and is so low maintenance, grows quickly, and doesn't require much watering. Providing oxygen, moisture in the air, neutralizing toxins and virus, and picking up lots of dust is what it's best at.



plant, flower, leaf, land plant, produce, This plant is just like the ivy, which quickly takes over any supporting structure. It will grow towards the light and will adapt to dry air, bringing in moisture. Don't worry about shade or regularly watering the cissus--it's very low maintenance.



flower, plant, flower arranging, floristry, land plant, This Madagascar native is perfect next to buildings with dry environments. It stores moisture in its leaves and regulates the climate. You don't have to worry about watering it too much, but it does need plenty of sunlight to thrive.

Greenery in your home does so much more than just clean the air--it brings in nature and has a calming effect on your brain. Buy one or all of these plants to create cleaner air and a better microclimate in your home today! What's your favorite? Comment below!

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