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The 5 Best Plants for Cool Climates

By Aprille

All the plants listed below can be grown in climates as chilly as zone 3. There are a number of beautiful flowers I’ve come across over the years, but many suggested that zone 4 was the furthest north they would grow successfully. This was disheartening when I lived in zone 3! Here are the 5 best plants for cool climates that I recently came across.

5 Wild Horses Reblooming Daylily

The white petals of each flower are accented with a gorgeous purple tint with orange-yellow showing deep in the middle where the petals all meet. While the bloom time is short, these flowers put on a tremendous display. They grow well in partial shade or sun and bloom from the beginning of summer to around midsummer.

4 Geranium Thumping Heart

I’ve always liked geraniums, but have never seen a geranium with flowers like this plant has. Deep purple in the very center and becoming gradually lighter towards the tip of each petal, the flowers appear to have more of a cup shape than other types of geraniums. They bloom from late spring all the way into the end of fall and will do well in partial shade or sun.


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3 Mexican Shell Flower Pink

This flower is related to plants in the iris family and produces orchid-like flowers. The larger 3 petals have minute petals of the same color in between them. While the outer portions of the petals are a bright pink, the inside of each flower has a white background with deep pinkish purple speckles. These plants grow best in full sunshine and they bloom all summer long.

2 Asclepias Mixture

Asclepias come in colors such as; yellow, orange, pink, cream, dark red, and purple. These cool weather loving plants do well in partial shade or full sun and bloom all summer long. They are an excellent bunch of plants to use for a border and the butterflies adore them!

1 Elodie Lily

The multiple layers of petals produced atop each lily stalk are a gorgeous hue of what can be described only as a cotton candy pink color. They are pollen free, so people with severe allergies can still pick a glorious bouquet of these special lilies and enjoy them indoors. These lilies bloom in the early part of summer and may be planted in partial shade or full sun.

I hope you find something you like among this list of plants for cool climates. Which plants intrigued you most of all?

Top Photo Credit: Momma Gadz

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