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5 Tips on Raising Scented Geraniums ...

By Aprille

Geraniums produce colorful flowers and they make a vibrant addition to a container on the patio or placed in a hanging basket. Scented geraniums don’t get their name from the flowers bursting from their stems. The ‘scent’ comes from the leaves and is able to be detected when the leaves are rubbed. Whether you purchased a geranium with leaves that give off a hint of rose, nutmeg, or apricot, the following 5 tips on raising scented geraniums should provide you with the tools you need to easily grow some of these aromatic plants.

Table of contents:

  1. Plant outdoors once frost has passed
  2. Give them lots of sunshine
  3. Watch out for rotting stems
  4. Fertilize with care
  5. Pinch off dead flowers

5 Plant Outdoors Once Frost Has Passed

Scented geraniums can be left in a planter or set in the ground for the summer. You’ll have to dig them up in the fall if you want to save the plant for next spring. Make sure the ground is around 60 degrees.

4 Give Them Lots of Sunshine

At least 8 hours of sunshine is recommended for all geraniums. They will not produce as many blooms if left in the shade for too long. A little bit if shade will still enable your scented geranium to produce flowers for the summer, but not as many as there would be with lots of sunshine instead.

3 Watch out for Rotting Stems

Too much water is never a good thing for geraniums. The stems and roots will rot away before you realize what is happening. Be on the look out for yellowing leaves, this is often the first sign that too much water is being provided. Cut back on the water and allow the soil to dry out between watering.

2 Fertilize with Care

You may want your scented geranium to grow nice and big, but too much fertilizer will cause it to lack blooms. Don’t use manure as a fertilizer. Mix a 10-10-10 or a 5-10-5 formula with the soil when planting your geranium. If you decide to use a liquid formula instead of a granular one, apply the liquid variety every three weeks when you water the plant.

1 Pinch off Dead Flowers

As with most plants, pinching or cutting off the dead blooms will allow more blooms to be produced. Keeping the spent blooms off of your scented geranium will also help to keep fungus from forming on young leaves and buds.

There is such a large variety of scented geraniums available that I’m sure you’ll find one that suits your taste. They are truly a beautiful plant and can be used to dress up a drab set of porch stairs, an empty corner of the patio, or a monochromatic herb garden. What kind of scented geraniums do you like best of all?

Top Photo Credit: Orthotrichum

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