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5 Tips on Raising Dahlias ...

By Aprille

Dahlias are a beautiful addition to a flower garden that needs a bit of color behind clusters of perennials or annuals. The large blossoms on each plant create an eye-catching display of color and texture. Here are 5 tips on raising dahlias for you to use this summer.

5 Plant in Full Sun or Partial Shade

These sun-loving plants will tolerate a bit of shade if you cannot find a sunny location in your yard. They actually do very well when planted along borders of the garden or along walkways.

4 Set Plants 2 to 3 Feet Apart when Planting

The blooms of most dahlias are very large, so it’s beneficial for the plants to be given enough space to grow. Some blossoms can measure up to 9 inches across, but the average sizes of flowers produced by most dahlias are around 6 inches in diameter.

3 Dig up during Winter Months in Cold Climate Zones

Although thee lovely flowers will grow well in zones 3 thru 10, they will freeze during the coldest part of the winter. If you want your dahlias to grow the following year, you will need to dig them up if you live anywhere from zone 3 thru 10.

2 Use a Fertilizer with a Low Percentage of Nitrogen

A formula with a ration of 5-10-5 is perfect for most bulbs, even dahlias. The numbers in this type of fertilizer refer to the percentage of each component: nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium. You could also use 0-10-10, since this formula also has low nitrogen content.

1 Water Deeply

The roots of your dahlia plants need lots of water and watering each plant deeply will encourage the roots to go deeper down into the soil. When a dahlia has a deep root system, the plant will be securely anchored in place. Watering deeply means the soil should be thoroughly wet at least 2 inches below the surface.

I hope these 5 tips provide you with the tools to raise a gorgeous collection of dahlias. Did you find these tips to be helpful at all?

Top Photo Credit: ChristinaSchulz

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