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5 Tips on Making Raised Beds ...

By Aprille

I live in an area where the ground is either filled with large rocks or I hit a sheet of rock as I try to dig holes for plants. In the places where rocks aren't prevalent, veins of clay run through the yard. Creating a raised area for planting veggies and flowers is the best way to avoid fighting the onslaught of rocks or clay in the yard. Here are 5 tips on making raised beds that might prove useful for you, should you find yourself living in an area with a lack of good soil.

5 Find a Location for the Raised Bed to Be Placed

Chose a spot that has the right amount of sun or shade you need for the type of garden you'll be planting. Make sure it's fairly level, but not in a low spot in the yard where water will accumulate and kill your plants.

4 Outline the Area with Rocks or Timbers

Depending on what your resources are, you might have a choice between wood and stone for your raised bed border. When using rocks, remember that the dirt might make its way through the cracks between each rock layer, but only if you completely flood your flower bed each time you water.

3 Line the Bottom of the Raised Bed with Black Plastic

Blocking out the layer of weeds and grass which are already on the ground will keep these plants from popping up right after the flower or veggie plants are set into place.

2 Fill Sectioned off Area with Your Choice of Growing Material

You can use a combination of manure, compost, and top soil to make a rich environment for your plants to grow in. Mixing a bit of sand into the soil will help it drain a bit better as well.

1 Decide on Which Plants Are Best Suited for the Garden

Choosing plants will depend on the size of your raised bed, where it is located, and what types of plants you are interested in raising. Most nursery attendants can help you choose the best plants for your raised beds too.

I hope these tips will be ones you can use for making raised beds in your yard. I enjoy creating raised beds and find my flowers do excellent in them. What types of plants are you interested in growing in raised beds?

Top Photo Credit: Flatbush Gardener

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