5 Plants That Will Grow in Moist Soil …

My parents live in an area that used to be mostly marshland. Before the houses were able to be built in their particular neighborhood, truckload after truckload of topsoil had to be brought in to fill up the marshy area. Even after the dirt was trucked in, the water table still isn’t that far below the surface. This high water table creates moist rich soil that many plants adore. If you also find that your yard contains a lot of moisture, then here are 5 plants that will grow in moist soil.

5. Pampas Grass

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These rather large bunches of grass make an excellent division between yards in rural areas. They grow to be about 4 to 5 feet in height and that isn’t including the feathery plumes that erupt from the middle of each bush towards the end of summer.

4. Elephant Ears

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A lush garden is quickly created when the bulbs for these leafy plants are placed in moist soil. I’m always amazed at how big these plants can grow in a single summer after dying back from the previous year. It’s astounding at how huge the leaves can get!

3. Day Lilies

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I’ve always liked the way the thick leaves on day lilies looked like a bunch of bright green grass. The stalks for each flower jut out of the middle of the grass-like leaves and are tipped with a yellow or orange flower; depending on which type of day lily you have.

2. Ferns

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Just about any type of fern prefers moist soil over dry or even well-draining soil. They unfurl one fiddlehead after another when they come into contact with moist ground. Ferns add the perfect backdrop to any flower garden and hold their green color well I into the fall.

1. Violets

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These little flowers seem to be a good sign that moist soil is prevalent. Violets love moist soil and will spread like crazy when planted in a patch of moist ground.

Well, here are at least 5 choices for you to consider adding to your garden area with moist soil. What other types of plants have you found to grow well in soil that is a bit damper than the other portions of your yard?

Top Photo Credit: Leithcote

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