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5 Tips on Having a Cheap Garden ...

By Aprille

Gardening can become an expensive hobby, if you let it. I’ve found numerous ways to cut corners without lessening the quality of my garden. Here are 5 tips on having a cheap garden. I hope these money-saving ideas will help you save a little cash this growing season!

5 Make Your Own Compost and Mulch

Compost can be made from kitchen scraps, leaves, grass clippings, and anything else that will decompose outside. Mix it all up and make sure to turn it over often, in order to allow it to rot evenly. Mulch can be made from shredded newspapers, straw, sawdust, or wood chips.

4 Catch Rainwater

I have a barrel positioned at the bottom of the rain gutter on my home. Rainwater travels down the roof, through the gutter, and right into the barrel. From here, I’m able to dip water out of the barrel for my plants. Not only is there no cost in how this water was obtained, but it is also better for my plants.

3 Buy Supplies That is on Sale

Once winter starts to set in, don’t forget to peruse the local garden supply places to see what’s on sale. Most stores don’t want to haul all the gardening supplies into storage for the winter. They would much rather sell it off cheap and purchase new products next year. Check out thrift stores and yard sales as well. You never know what you will find!

2 Get Plants from Friends and Family

Most of the plants in my flower garden came from my grandmother and my parents. A couple of the neighbors and I have also made some plant swaps. This is a cheap method of getting new plants and sharing some of your own with others.

1 Use What You’ve Got

If you try hard enough, you can get by without spending any money at all when creating a garden. Dig up trees and flowers in the woods to transplant in your flower bed. Save seeds from tomatoes, peppers, and other veggies you eat and then plant them in your own garden. I’ve used a serving spoon to dig holes for planting seeds in my garden before.

There is no limit to what you can do, when it comes to saving money on gardening. I hope these tips prove useful for you and inspire you to find other ways to save money this year on your gardening needs. Do you have any additional tips you could share?

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