5 Flowers That Will Attract Hummingbirds ...


5 Flowers That Will Attract Hummingbirds ...
5 Flowers That Will Attract Hummingbirds ...

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing hummingbirds flit around their flower garden? These amazing little birds keep me entertained for hours. I like to watch them speed through my flower garden and come to a screeching halt above one that attracts their attention. I’ve made a list below of 5 flowers that will attract hummingbirds to your garden.

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These rather large bushes supply hummingbirds with tons of great smelling flowers to search for nectar in. They come in purple, white, pink, and even yellow. If you want hummingbirds flocking to your yard, then be sure to plant a few of these gorgeous plants.



The colors of rhododendrons are vibrant and add beauty to any flower garden. The hummingbirds flit around these colorful plants do well in zones 5 thru 8.



The red variety attracts hummingbirds more than any other color of columbine. I’ve seen hummingbirds checkout each color of columbine I have in my garden, but they actually wait in line for the red one!



These tall flowering plants put hummingbirds right at eye-level. The assorted colors make a magnificent backdrop for a flower garden and hummingbirds seem to be able to spot them from miles away. These tiny birds appear out of nowhere!


Trumpet Vine

Hummingbirds appear in droves around this vine. The expansive size of it – 20 to 40 feet tall – allows it to cover quite a lot of area. The reddish-orange blooms are present from July to November. This plant is such a hit with hummingbirds that most people refer to this vining plant as a Hummingbird Vine.

I hope you find an assortment of flowers for your garden that brings in a large number of hummingbirds. They are so sweet! What types of hummingbirds frequent you flower garden?

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